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  • Russian Bear 5000 Gainer Vanil – 4 Pound Powder

    Russian Bear 5000 Gainer VanilThis Russian Bearn 5000 Gainer Vanil delivers 5000 calories each serving. It will make your muscles very powerful in few weeks, so you can say it delivers fast result. It contains no fat so you don’t have to worry of such things. It is made under anabolic growth technology. It uses a combined method of Soviet and USA. The formula it uses is developed by a Russian descendant, Val Vasilef N. Read more…

  • Janome 2206 Sewing Machine (Front Loading Bobbin)

    Janome 2206 Sewing Machine
    860 SPM Speed, Drop Feed Dog, Integrated Thread Cutter

    Janome 2206 Sewing Machine has important features such as front loading bobbin, free-arm, 860 spm speed, built-in thread cutter, drop feed dog. This 2206 model of Janome sewing machine works perfectly for starters as well as advanced users. It comes with 6 built-in stitches and four-step buttonhole. It allows easy control of stitch size and pattern selection as a dial is placed on the front of the machine. Amazingly, it features free-arm and drop feed that make a great machine for beginners to grow gradually. For your convenience, built-in thread cutter and snap-on presser feet are also included. The Janome 2206 sewing machine comes with all the required accessories, if you want to buy more accessories, Amazon is the best place for buying any special sewing accessories including varieties of sewing threads, needles, patterns, sewing handbooks etc. If you are sewing very soft fabrics, it may be that you require 11 No. size needle and tissue paper below the fabric; the tissue paper can easily be removed after you finish your sewing works. You will be able to handle all the stitch works without any problems. Basic buttonholes are very easy and simple. After you purchase this mechanical sewing machine, you will be glad as it comes with all the useful features that you need for your advanced sewing needs. Read more…

  • Plant Based Complete Meal Replacement Gluten Free, No Dairy, No Soy, No Animal, Hypoallergenic- Phood 2lb. Vanilla (20 Servings)

    No Dairy, No Soy, No Animal, Hypoallergenic- Phood 2lb
    Only Vitamins From Raw, Organic, Wholefood Source

    Plant Based Complete Meal Replacement Gluten Free product is made of 5 special balanced protein sources with impressive levels of main branched chain amino acids and glutamine. It contains patented blend of great carbs from organic ancient grains. It uses important natural energy sources. Most of the ingredients used are harvested from Africa’s prolific “tree of life”. The unique blend also includes blend of flax, algalin, sunflower, naturally-occurring phytonutrients (lutein, zeaxanthin and tocotrienols) – land and sea FFA blend.
    It uses vitamins and minerals which are from organic plants and there is no chemically isolated vitamin. It contains a special blend of natural cruciferous greens to help antioxidant nutrition, hart health and glucose balance. Read more…


  • Diet Without Pain: Lose Unwanted Fat

    lose weght fastThis guide will let you know how you can literally lose 4 pounds of unwanted fat each week without counting calories and cardio exercise. Of course, you are going to lose weight without spending money on expensive medication and without restricting your daily diet. According to this program, you may continue consuming more calories and you will still lose your belly fat. Diet Without Pain is designed by Bryan Holekamp, a fitness trainer, a writer of nutrition product and a weight loss expert for 1000s of people all over the world. He has helped 1000s of dieters, men and women drop the belly fat in just a few months. Many clients of Bryan Holekamp have achieved their desired goal of being in the best shape of their life.
    This weight loss program is totally different to your old school method of eating less and exercising more. According to Bryan Holekamp, if you follow the traditional method of losing weight, you probably not lose weight as your body suffers from decreased T3 hormone production. Read more…