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  • 900 Calorie High-Density Mass Gainer: Champion Nutrition Heavyweight Gainer

    Natural constituent of the proteins - Champion Nutrition Heavyweight Gainer
    900 Calories per serving

    The Champion Nutrition Heavyweight Gainer 900 calorie high density mass gainer contains 900 calories per serving. This is a great mass gainer for athletes, sports personals, bodybuilders and others. The Tryptophan in this product works for a natural constituent of the proteins. According to many reviews, this product works for the main protein source for all their weight gaining needs. People are using this product for years to fulfill protein requirements in their body. It doesn’t taste bad as you will be getting a taste of cold hot chocolate. 4 scoops equal to 900 calories from this product per serving, total it contains 21 servings in one container. But 4 scoops can be a little more than normal; my recommendation is only 2 scoops if you weigh approx. 130 lbs. Read more…


  • QuickBooks Accountant 2015: reclassify transactions in batch

    QuickBooks Accountant 2015 - Write-off hundreds of invoices
    Save time by automating your business accounting works.

    The QuickBooks Accountant 2015 comes with all the features of Premier Editions of 2015. It has great tools to assist you in fixing any kinds of errors very quickly. You are able to enter and rearrange 100s of accounting tasks at one time. It comes with a great write-off feature that allows you write off 100s of invoices instead of just one at a time. You are able to rearrange transactions in a group instead if doing that individually. You can easily compare previous accounting balances with the current one. On a single screen, you can easily enter transactions in batches instead of entering them individually. It comes with an impressive feature of screen customization that allows you to customize the screen in your preferred way so that you can personalize the transactions to view in a different way. It comes with advanced feature of sending portable company file as your clients can easily send you a portable company file straightly from QuickBooks. It gives you enhanced reports to improve formatting makes reports easier to read. Read more…

  • LG 26LS3500 26-Inch 720p 60Hz LED LCD HDTV (2012 Model)

    LG 26LS3500The LG 26LS3500 26” LED + LCD HDTV lets you experience sharper, more vivid pictures for a real entertainment. The LG 720 HDTV uses LG’s technology that is very efficient to deliver brilliant brightness, clearness with greater color details. Simply, a product that has passed EnergyStart certification is not an ordinary product as this LG 26LS3500 is approved from Energy Star, and it fulfills all the guidelines imposed by US Environmental protection Agency. It means that it saves energy in both the modes standby and active modes. Also, it has LG’s ISFccc Ready HDTVs feature to control contrast, tint, sharpness, colors and many others. Read more…