BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer Smartphone Breath Alcohol Tester for iPhone, iPad and Android Devices Review

BACtrack Mobile BreathalyzerThe BACtrack Smartphone Breath Alcohol Tester is the foremost breathalyzer, it has a capability to connect with mobile phone or iPhone very easily. You are able to connect the BACtrack breathalyzer to your cell phone or iPad via Bluetooth without any difficulties. This wonderful alcohol tester can easily test your blood alcohol content using a highly accurate professional grade alcohol sensor. Apart from connecting to your mobile phone connectivity, it is able to save the result in your phone without any difficulties. Moreover you can easily share your breath test result to your family and friend on social media sites, other websites via text message, email or SMS. The breathalyzer doesn’t take much time when it comes to paring the BACtrack breathalyzer with your cell phone, it can be done within few seconds. The breathalyzer has an app that visually guides you through the test process with proper display in your cell phone or iPad or other devices that you have connected. Read more…

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