Buzz Tools Buzz Word Lettering Software Reviews 2015

Buzz Tools Buzz Word Lettering Software
30 included scalable fonts

The Buzz Tools Buzz Word Lettering Software has an ability to add letters to your embroidery projects. It comes with amazing variety of integrated fonts, and it has the ability to turn your alphabet designs into keyboard fonts for the right placement every time you do embroidery designs. It comes with integrated editable fonts so that you can set font size. It has letters to create monograms and other beautiful letter based applications. You can easily change colors, make bold, italic, underline and other computer based editing features to use with your embroidery designs. It has more than 40 stitches available and it allows you to create editable fonts. It lets you turn alphabet designs into a keyboard font for a better alignment and color sorting. It lets you map the alphabet into the software so that you have flexibility to designs based on alphabet fonts, colors and much other similar stuff. It supports custom fonts so that you can design accurately and very fast based on your preference. Also, it comes with amazing scale-able alphabet to make it easy to get started with custom stitch fonts. Further you can place the letters vertically or horizontally based on your preference. Read more…

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