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  • iCandy Peach Main Bassinet- Black Jack Review

    iCandy Peach Main BassinetThe iCandy Peach Main Bassinet is perfect for all your baby’s strolling requirements. You will make lots of fun using this iCandy Peach Mini Bassinet. You can use it with your Peach Single Stroller if you have the converter kit, or you can use it with Peach Blossom Stroller. The bassinet will either be on the upper side or the lower side, while plenty of space is in your hand to keep car seat with the help of an adapter. The iCandy Peach Main Bassinet is perfect for newborn babies below 6 months. Your baby will enjoy sitting in this flexible and comfort iCandy Peach Main Bassinet as it comes with great colors which attract baby. The stroller has also a sunshade cover which can be removed or kept according to your own requirements. You also get an Apron Rain cover with a washable mattress pad. For folding, the iCandy Peach Main Bassinet can be folded flat for easy storage and it doesn’t require much assembling works. Read more…

  • Graco LiteRider Classic Connect Stroller Review

    Graco LiteRiderThe Graco LiteRider Classic Connect is a light stroller designed for your comfort baby strolling requirements. It allows one-hand folding which is good for all your portability needs. The stroller has a padded, 2-level reclining seat which provides utmost comfort to the offspring.
    Graco is a popular brand for manufacturing a large selection of high quality baby strollers for years, strollers designed by Graco are superior than other brands. Most of the strollers from Graco are portable and convenient for traveling around the neighboring areas. This Classic Connect stroller looks very luxurious and you baby will feel more comfortable compared to other normal strollers. The stroller has a convenient basket and cup holders for keeping anything you want into the basket. Read more…

    Main features:

    • Hand-hand folding with storage latch
    • Convenient to close
    • Comfortable and large seat
    • Weighs nearly 20 lbs
    • Portable to use anywhere you want
    • 40 lbs capacity
  • Jeep Overland Limited Jogging Stroller with Front Fixed Wheel, Fierce

    Jeep Overland Limited Jogging StrollerThe Jeep Overland Limited is better stroller than other similar strollers in the same price range, softness and usability. Most importantly, this convenient stroller comes with an iBaby sound system that is really perfect for listening to music of your choices, you just need connect your iPod or other electronic devices to listen to music during walking with the stroller. The front wheels smoothly move on any types of surfaces. The 16-inch tires can be air filled for a smooth stroller riding experience. It has both the trays for children and parents; child can put their own essential items in the tray while parent can put their own required things such as notebook, keys, snacks and other required things. Read more…

  • Uberchild EVO Full 3in1 Travel System – Funky Zebra

    Uberchild EVOThe Uberchild EVO Full 3-in-1 Travel System – Funky Zebra is made in Germany that delivers the best performance according to requirements. The frame is made of lightweight aluminum. And it comes with EVA hard wearing durable wheels. To release front/rear wheels, you can quickly do it. When it comes to handle height adjustments, it has multiple adjustment options from 86-cm to 115-cm, you are able to adjust the handle height according to your choices. You don’t get any problems in folding/unfolding this travel system as it comes with a quick fold option. To use the footrest feature, it comes with multiple positions and you can use it in the way you want without any difficulties. The removable covers are easy to wash, just remove and wash.Read more...

  • Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller, Fire Red Review

    Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight StrollerThe Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller comes with a fire-red colored umbrella that looks attractive to your baby. When we talk about umbrella strollers, we can say that all the umbrella strollers are not equal, a umbrella stroller can be important to you, but it may not be important to others, so it depends on your choices. Buying umbrella strollers costs you a little higher than other normal strollers but they work for your purpose as it protects your baby from bad weathers such as sunny, cloudy, rainy days. The Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller is an ideal stroller for all your jogging requirements as it is portable and easy to use. The umbrella can be folded with one-hand, so your one hand is always free to handle your baby. The Kolcraft Cloud Stroller has two removable trays; for the parent and the child. You will get all the features in the Kolcraft Cloud umbrella stroller that you can find in any other normal strollers. Important features are: all-terrain wheels, a large canopy, lightweight design, parent and child trays and a limited manufacturer’s warranty of one year. Read more…

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