Universal Driver DVD for all PC Makers – Asus, Alien, Acer, Dell, HP, Compaq, Lenevo, IBM, Samsung, Toshiba & More

Universal Driver DVDThe Universal Driver DVD for all PC Maker is compatible with all drivers to any PC of any brands such as HP, Dell, Compaq, Lenovo, IBM, Samsung, Asus, Alien, Acer and others. It saves time and money as it is very quick to install on your system and it comes at a low price from Amazon. All the required drivers will be installed instantly with few clicks. It lets you download new drivers from the Internet and updates existing drivers. It is compatible a series of operating systems such as Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and others.
The Universal Driver DVD for all PC Makers support future hardware devices via download from the company’s servers. Further, the disc is compatible almost all the computer manufacturers. It allows one-click restore and backup of your entire set of drivers for the purpose of re-installing the OS. Read more…

The Singing Machine ISM990 Karaoke System for iPad/iPhone 2015

Works With Singing Machine Mobile App For iPhone/iPod Touch
Works With Singing Machine Mobile App For
iPhone/iPod Touch

The Singing Machine ISM990 Karaoke System works with iPhone/iPod touch and it features rotating iPad dock, has USB port for digital MP3+g, supports CD/CD+G formats. It is compatible with singing machine mobile apps iPhone or iPod Touch. You just need to download this program and start enjoying your favorite songs from more than 8,000 Karaoke songs, so you have a great access to a powerful library that will be with you all the times. This can be a great entertainment source for you as well as your family. It comes with impressive quality to create the real fun. If you need higher quality sound, you can buy a different supported microphone as well. It comes with just one microphone, but if you need an additional microphone, you can buy it separately according to your own enjoyment requirements. Read more…


PCDJ Karaoki: SmartScore X2 Songbook Edition vs Presonus AudioBox Studio vs Jumpstart Reading With Karaoke

SmartScore X2 Songbook Edition

SmartScore X2The SmartScore X2 Songbook Edition has a great capability of identifying, playback, manipulating conductor’s scores, band managements and PDF scores. It can pull out parts to separate files and burn to audio. It features great karaoke system for singing along to the moving lyrics and you will create lots of fun with your friends and family. The karaoke feature can really be a useful tool for practice and rehearsal to explore your singing creativity. It features Chord Editor with great precision recognition capability. The chord symbols are automatically refreshed at the time of main signatures are transposed. The score structure feature allows extractions of parts in graphics. The score structure lets you remove and rearrange selected parts very quickly. And, it features Bonus Garritan Sound Library that consists of a varieties of subset of Garritan jazz, pop and orchestral instrument sounds. Read more…

Presonus AudioBox Studio with Headphones, Microphone, Mic Cable, USB Cable, and StudioOne Artist Software

Zero-latency monitoring via internal mixer
AudioBox USB Interface w/cable, Studio One software, M7 microphone, and HD7 headphones

The Presonus AudioBox Studio has all the audio entertainment tools that you need to enjoy in your home, the important accessories include headphones, microphone, Mic cable, USB cable and the powerful StudioOne Artist Software to fulfill all your entertainment needs. It features zero-latency monitoring option through internal mixer, 1/3U mountable rack and many others. On the Amazon product page, some users were asking to plug a guitar to this system, so you can easily plug a guitar as it has 2 microphone preamps. The combo connector is useful to use either ¼-inch phone or XLR connectors in the same jack, you just need to use ¼” connector for connecting a guitar of other similar instruments. For system requirements and the comp ability, you don’t need much any normal computer with a USB hub can be used to connect this powerful device for all your entertainment requirements. If the computer supports proper DAW it should be fine for such devices. Read more…

Jumpstart Reading With Karaoke

Jumpstart Reading With KaraokeThe Jumpstart Reading With Karaoke is a great teaching tool for children to increase their reading power and listening power. Children will like to read along with Val the cat. As they read along with the software, they will get instant feedback and support for the each word they speak. The Jumpstart Reading With Karaoke is based on levels, when children finishes the starting level, they will be presented with a higher level for their new reading skills with the help of read-along songs and videos. Children likes to read and sing, they will find all the reading and singing stuffs in this Jumpstart reading software as it contains 8 unique learn-to-read lessons, over 200 start-up words, progress reports to evaluate reading success. The software is very easy to install with minimum system requirements; Windows XP/2000 operating system with Intel Pentium II processor is fine for such software programs. Read more…


  • Alphabet learning
  • Recognition and matching of uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Read and sing simple songs
  • Read word families and sight words
  • Overcome spelling errors
  • Comprehension
  • Letter merging
  • Sound identifications
  • Phonemic learning

QuickBooks Online Essentials with Online Payroll [1-Year Subscription]

QuickBooks Online Essentials with Online Payroll 2015
Import data from Excel spreadsheets
Get a snapshot of your company finances

This QuickBooks Online Essentials with Online Payroll comes with one year of subscription that can be renewed at the end of each year. To use this payroll software, you don’t have to have any accounting knowledge as it comes with an easy step-by-step tutorial that will guide you whenever you need it. It comes with a great data import feature to import data from a spread sheet and earlier versions of QuickBooks payroll software. You get insights of your business finances and products so that you can give your attention to improve or correct them. It comes with an improved version that automatically provides data backups and product updates. Moreover, you get the benefit of its 60-day money back guarantee so that you can return the software within 60-day if you are not happy with it and get full refund. It has an easy sales tracking feature and it saves time on accounting works and minimizes paperwork as well. It will surely increase productivity of your business as you can use this payroll software anywhere you go, anytime you want to use it. You are also able to get the receipt photos on your mobile device. Read more…

Professional Karaoke Software: Electrohome Karaoke Machine Speaker vs Memorex MKS-SS2 SingStand vs Singing Machine SML-385

Electrohome Karaoke Machine Speaker System CD+G Player with 2 Microphone Connections, Singing Music & AUX Input for Smartphone, Tablet, & MP3 Players (EAKAR300)

Speaker System CD+G Player with 2 Microphone Connections
With integrated high grade speaker system

The Electrohome Karaoke Machine Speaker System is a modern Karaoke speaker system that delivers high grade stereo sounds with amazing lights. If you want to see the lyrics on screen, connect it with your home TV and enjoy amazing music sound. Those music enthusiast who want to sing, listen great music but they don’t have the access (the music library), they can connect their mobile phones or tablet, laptop via 3.5mm supplementary input with 1000s of latest and high grade karaoke songs very easily. This portable Electrohome Karaoke Machine speaker system is great to travel with upon the requirements. You can use microphones when you are using the system in party as singing in groups gives you more fun, just buy some additional microphones that are sold separately. It comes with great digital Echo Control to control sound when you sing so that your sound will be like a professional singer’s sound, there will be full tone sound when you sing. It features an adjustable digital key control that controls the tune so that you will be fully confident at the time of singing. With this impressive feature, you don’t have to suffer of voice problems, your will be able to through beautiful voice with the help of this machine. Read more…

Memorex MKS-SS2 SingStand 2 Home Karaoke System

SingStand 2 Home Karaoke System
Amplified speaker at the base

The Memorex MKS-SS2 SingStand 2 Home Karaoke System lets you sign your favorite songs very confidently. This is a great karaoke system for parties and special events. The system can easily connect with MP3 players, tablets so that you can sing along your personalized devices. It features a high quality speaker, a microphone that delivers the best karaoke experience. It comes with instrument input to connect with a guitar or keyboard for great music amalgamation. The Memorex MKS-SS2 SingStand 2 features a standard line-in to connect any types of devices with headphones’ jack. With the help of these integrated input and cords, it lets you access music content from tablets, MP3 players, mobile phones and many other supported devices. It also comes with an integrated cradle to grip your device rightly at one place so that it becomes very convenient for you so that you can set your devices and read lyrics along with holding your microphone. The Memorex MKS-SS2 SingStand 2 Home Karaoke System features AVC to aggressively increase your vocals to gain the right adjustment between music and voice. It also lets you adjust volume or add a fun echo effect to your voice. It also comes with a useful cord management clip to prevent interference with your performance. The Memorex MKS-SS2 SingStand 2 Home Karaoke System has built-in stereo speakers that deliver clear audio that will surely surpass your expectation. It comes with 2 speakers that deliver the best performance and it is situated at the base of SingStand 2. This is an independent speaker that works all the time whether you are singing or not so it serves double purposes. It measures 59” tall while the base size is 12” in diameter, and it carries a 90-day limited warranty. The box contains SingStand 2, microphone cord, 11” line-in cord, 7” line-in cord, cord management clip and user guide. Read more…

Singing Machine SML-385 Top Loading CDG Karaoke System With Sound and Disco Light Show (Black)

Singing Machine SML-385Now you can energize your karaoke party with flashing disco light effects with the help of this Singing Machine SML-385 Top Loading CDG Karaoke System that has great sound system and disco light show. This powerful SML-385 CDG karaoke system plays a CD too, and it features a 2-digit LED CDG track display, audio input & output, sound adjustment with echo control, automatic voice control, AC power operation. You can instantly start enjoying this Singing Machine SML-385 as it comes with a powerful CDG music sampler and a microphone. It comes with great echo management feature that is created by minor controlled feedback in the singer’s voice; it is great for adding depth and resonance. If you want to become a singer and you are learning songs at a daily basis, it comes with auto voice control (AVC) feature that is very useful feature that is main used to practice sessions. This AVC function is only compatible with multiplex recordings so it is not compatible with global recordings. It features multiplex to split vocals and music with the help of its powerful balance control featured on your Singing Machine Karaoke System. Read more…

QuickBooks Pro with Enhanced Payroll 2014

2015 Enhanced QuickBooks Pro Payroll Accounting
Simple installation procedure, powerful learning features!

This value pack QuickBooks pro with Enhanced Payroll 2014 lets you organize your business finances all in one place so that you can easily save the time spent on accounting works. It allows an easy employee payment in just 3 steps. You can easily file taxes within QuickBooks. You get one year of prepaid Enhanced Payroll subscription and you have the ability to add more employees. Also, it comes with 60-day money back guarantee, in case you are not happy with this software, and you will be refunded. For using this payroll software, you don’t have to have previous accounting knowledge as it comes with easy to understand tutorial that will guide you wherever you have any doubts. This QuickBooks Pro with Enhanced Payroll 2014 has a great option of quickly importing data from an Excel sheet.
It comes with great organization features so that you can easily manage vendors and expenses. It comes with an easy feature to create invoice and statements. It also comes with great tax feature that allows you to get complete and reliable records at the time of filling taxes. You are able to download your banking transaction into QuickBooks and further you can check the transactions to match your business accounting. Read more…

Karaoke Software Review: Sony Creative Software vs PCDJ KARAOKI vs VocoPro DVX890K Player

Sony Creative Software Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 – 2011 [Old Version]

Sony Creative Software Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 - 2011
Audio recording and editing virtually

If you want to record and customize audio digitally, the Sony Creative Software Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 will be very helpful to you. It allows digitizing and restoring vinyl and cassettes. It features vocal eraser to create personalized karaoke tracks. The Sony Creative Software Sound Forge Audio Studio comes with more than 30 integrated effects and processes to give you an enhanced audio experience. It features Show Me How tutorial guide that will let you know about all the features so that you will get aware of the product. To run this karaoke software, your system should have Windows Vista/7/XP, DVD-ROM. It comes with great sharing features, you just need to simply burn your own CD or convert audio to supported web formats to share on the internet and with supported music devices including PSP, iPod, iPhone. Read more…


PCDJ KARAOKI Software ReviewsThe PCDJ Karaoki software is a great audio device that works independently or as an extra tool for PCDJ RED mobile or DEX. PCDJ KARAOKI Software comes with a singer list with singer profiles, monitoring features, news ticker, library printer, jukebox background music device and other supported features that are required to run with the software. It is compatible with a variety of music formats such as mp3+G, WAV+G and other video files. You will not require CDGs or heavy Karaoke gear to run this software. All the content of the software is stored in your computer’s hard drive so that it will perform fast. The PCDJ KARAOKI Software is a great program for DJ/KJ fans. Read more…

VocoPro DVX890K Karaoke Player

VocoPro DVX890K Karaoke Player : USB and SD, MMC, MS card readersThe VocoPro DVX890K Karaoke Player supports many music formats such as DVD, DivX, CD+G, MP3, Photo-CD, VCD and other music formats for a smooth entertainment requirement. To access the content, you have many ways such as USB, SD, MMC, MS card readers. It also allows straight track contact for instant song selection and playback. You can listen audio via microphones as well, these microphones are included with the product so you don’t have to separately purchase these microphones. The cable is used with this device is of low quality, it will be good if you buy a standard supported cable for this device. Also, please adjust the audio volume to match microphone and music volume. According to many Karaoke Player Reviews, it is very powerful device, you don’t get any problems in attaching the device with your receiver and other supported devices including HDTV. Now you must be having a working and professional karaoke player in  your home at a reasonable price. Read more…

Quicken Starter Edition 2015 Reviews

Organizes your accounts in one place
Organizes your accounts in one place

The Quicken Starter Edition 2015 lets you get credit information, monitor notifications, download content from supported institutions and other third party organizations by 2018. You can get monitoring alerts even after 180 days from the time of each quarterly request for a credit score. Please make sure that the online features may change depending on many factors such as application approval, fees, additional terms and conditions. As of now it supports more than 14500 financial institutions. This Quicken Starter Edition 2015 has the capability of importing data from Quicken 2010 or newer. To get the free support from the Quicken company, you must purchase this Quicken Starter Edition 2015. Additionally, if you are not happy with the product, you get full refund, simply you need to return the product to Intuit within 60 days for a full refund of the purchase price. The software is automatically updated time to time when any update is available. It also supports TurboTax that is sold separately and it works with the CD/download version of TurboTax Basic, Deluxe and Premier. Read more…


PC Driver Software Reviews: My Driver Updater v. 2014 vs PC Matic vs WinZip Systems Utilities Suite

My Driver Updater v. 2014 [Download]

My Driver Updater v 2014 (Windows Compatible)
Access to over 325,000 drivers

Today most of the computer manufacturers are regularly updating their products drivers for the purpose of fixing errors and improving the performance. If you have a powerful driver then you will be able to gain the best result from your devices. It regularly scans so that it will find and replace non-working drivers on your PC to make sure that your system is working fine. My Driver Updater has a large capacity database of more than 350,000 drivers, and it is regularly updating and editing the database to make sure that the company has the best driver updates available. If you are a user of My Driver Updater, you will have a regular access to all database updates so that you will be taking benefit of the latest drivers from the company system. For the time of upgrading operating system, you can easily store all the drivers on your computer or laptop in a zip file that is very easy to reinstall. This backup feature will save you lots of time spent for searching for and stalling specific device drivers. Read more…

PC Matic – 5 PCs

PC Matic - 5 PCs [Download]
Boost Computer Performance and Internet Speed
The powerful PC Matic software provides the best maintenance to your computer with a click of mouse button. It can be used with up to 5 PC under one license. It works to remove malware at the same time it increase the system performance. It features Active Malware Protection that gets rid of viruses, Spyware, Trojan Horses, Bots, keyloggers and other similar threats. It has a great capacity to find computer problems, crashes with the help of automatic driver update technology. It features PC Matic Nitro (a powerful download speed booster) that increases download speed up to 200-percent. You can easily download multimedia content and other business files at an impressive speed. It comes with cloud scheduling application to keep more than one computer protected and running like new. Now forget running multiple programs to increase system speed as just PC Matic will handle such works. Your system is just one click away from the complete protection that is provided by this powerful PC Matic application that is very affordable to buy from Amazon shopping website. Read more…

WinZip Systems Utilities Suite (Single User) [Download]

WinZipIf your system is running regularly, you see that your system is getting slower and slower, you may experience PC freeze up, crashes etc. There may be many reasons behind the PC problems you are getting. Now you have WinZip System Utilities Suite as it comes with all the required tools to fix your computer problems. It is a group of 23 convenient tools to help you repair your PC without spending hours. You can easily protect, optimize your system to get best of it. The WinZip Systems Utilities Suite (Single User) makes your computer healthy, free from annoying and time-wasting errors and it boosts overall performance of your system. It is the best solution for your computers, laptops and tablets as it has built great trust among millions of users. Read more…

Personal Accounting Software 2015: 3-in-1 Personal Finance 3.0 vs Business Accountz Basic V3 vs TurboTax

3-in-1 Personal Finance 3.0 [Download]

3-in-1 Personal FinanceThe 3-in-1 Personal Finance 3.0 features 26 financial calculators and worksheets to monitor your financial stuffs. It features budget planner that helps create a suitable budget and lets you know where you spend money while the goal tracker feature lets you manage your financial goals. The 3-in-1 Personal Finance 3.0 is a set of 3 programs that are designed with user-friendly interface, simple navigation and layout, powerful toolbar to help you understand the software features very quickly. It comes with latest toolbar for an easy access to specific links, has advanced report generation capability. You can easily view, save and print reports. It comes with help feature that works for tutorial if you get stuck somewhere. The main highlights of this powerful software are Balloon Loan, Cash Flow, College Saving, Future Value, Investment Withdrawal, Payment, Mortgage, Retirement Planning and many others. It comes with fourteen sections that are great for creating budget and tracking transactions, and it has also more than 190 standard budget items, goal tracker to create and manage financial goals. Read more…

Business Accountz Basic V3 [Download]

Fast bookkeeping, easy sales and expenses management itnerface
Fast bookkeeping, easy sales and expenses management itnerface

This Business Accountz Basic V3 is a powerful tool of controlling your business accounting. This powerful but economical accounting software helps a lot in doing most of the basic accounting tasks. The starter package allows you to save time managing a high profile company. The software creator introduced this software keeping in mind that a businessman has to work with many business related tasks at the same time, if there is a software program that handles most of the tasks automatically it will give relief to the business owner to save time so that he or she can divert the attention towards important business tasks to develop the business. With the help of this Business Accountz Basic V3, you are able to create unlimited accounts as per your requirements, monitor your tax matters, and quickly view your profit and loss statements. You are in full control of all the finances, if you stuck somewhere, it comes with great tutorial features to help you instantly. Performing so many business related automated tasks, the V3 business accounting software is a desktop based program that has the capability to cloud back-up and recover your business data. To run this powerful business software, your system should have Windows 8, 7 or Vista installed. Your computer should also have dual-core or higher processor with 2GB RAM, fast internet connection for the installation. Read more…

TurboTax Home & Business Federal + e-File + State 2010 [Download] [OLD VERSION]

TurboTax Home & Business Federal The TurboTax Home & Business software is a great software program for many organizations such as small business, sole proprietor, consultancy service providers, construction companies, single owner LLC and many others. It provides you one-and-one guidance for entering earnings and expenses. It is a great program for finding small business tax reliefs as it shows you what kinds of expenses are deductible from supplies, utilities bills, home expenses, office expenses and many others for the purpose of the greatest deduction possible. It has the great capability to know industry based deductions as it walks you through tax write-offs and shows you even small deductions. It lets you get the greatest vehicle deductions as it works for splitting vehicle expenses separating business and personal use vehicles. It has a great function that shows all types of business income at one place to know that you have considered all sources of business income. Read more…

TurboTax Deluxe 2014 Fed + State + Fed Efile Tax Software + Refund Bonus Offer

Fed + State + Fed Efile Tax Software + Refund Bonus Offer
Tax Software that helps you get your taxes done right and your maximum refund

The Turbo Tax Deluxe 2014 helps you step by step in your tax related matters. It asks you some easy questions about your personal life and record the information supplied by at the right place for your convenience. It comes with the import capability to safely easily import W2, 1099-INT, 1099-DIV and mortgage information from more than one million supported companies. It also works with assorted profit reported on Schedule C. It has the capability to transfer previous year tax information from TurboTax so that you don’t have to type again and again. It also permits importing tax information from other tax stores and software programs such as TaxACT, H&R Block Tax Software, Windows and Mac. It will keep notifying you with latest updates on related tax laws, and it guides you through the latest healthcare law and it will automatically update to reflect changes. You are able to manage income taxes at your own pace, anywhere anytime without any problems. It automatically saves data in the software so you don’t have to lose anything at the time of taking a break. It delivers the greatest accuracy level as it automatically completes 1000s of error checks to build confidence in you that you are doing the right work. It shows live tax refund as it comes with dual refund monitor option that regularly shows and updates federal and state refunds. You also get an email confirmation when your return is approved by the IRS. Also, it provides a great return policy, in case you are not happy with the TurboTax software, you can return it to Intuit with 60 days of period to claim your full refund. For the audit, it features Audit Risk Meter that checks your tax return for common audit errors and it shows if you the risk is high or low. It also comes with too many tips and tutorials to help you reduce the chances of an audit of your tax matters. Read more…