Microsoft Office for Mac Home and Student 2011

Office Mac Home and Student 2011
Increase efficiency by automating usual tasks, organize and analyse data
This Office Mac Home & Student 2011 is being used on over 1,000,000,000 computers, so it has become the most popular brand all over the world that increases productivity in your business, and it is a great entertainment resource in your home. This Office for Mac is very helpful to your regular computer tasks that is compatible with your Mac. You are already used to popular programs such as MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint that all can be experienced in a new way with the Office Mac Home and Student 2011 – 1PC/1User [Download]. The compatibility with Windows lets you work with your files, business documents virtually from anywhere at any time with your friends and family network. For folder protection, it comes with a solution with password protection SkyDrive folder that can be locked with a password so that the folder can be opened by yourself only. This license is for home and student use on one PC. Please make sure that is not for using in a company, non-profit organization or any organization that is generating profit. The latest version of Office Mac Home and Student 2011 comes with Ribbon feature that lets you access your preferred commands instantly, and you are able to personalize your workspace. It comes with Office Web Apps that let you modify and share files and folders virtually. It features Coauthoring that let you edit a file with multiple authors in different locations at the same time. Read more…

Language Learning Software: Learn Spanish – Rosetta Stone Spanish

Learn Spanish Language
Interactive language software, command development
The Rosetta Stone Spanish language learning software is a perfect way of learning Spanish at your own home. You just need to follow the tutorial and you will master Spanish language in few months. It is an interactive language software program made under a speech-recognition technology. You are able to enhance the language command so that you can easily read, write, speak and understand Spanish language at home. It helps you build a long list of vocabulary, deal with difficult language situations and lets you share your ideas and opinions in Spanish language. It also comes with a mobile app to make sure you never miss the program as you will be able to enhance your sills while you are traveling. With this purchase, you get 3 months access to the program. It also comes with a supporting game based on language learning program that will teach you the language in a funny way. Read more…

Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64bit, System Builder OEM DVD 1 Pack (New Packaging)

Windows 7 Home Premium
Start programs faster, create a home network
The Windows 7 Home Premium is a great way of creating a home network as it comes with a great sharing capability; you can easily share your preferred photos, multimedia content with your friends and family. It also comes with great entertainment features to watch TV. You can easily watch, rewind and record TV with the help of a compatible TV tuner. If you use your computer for business purposes, you should run Windows XP programs, for more stable security features, you can use Windows 7 Professional as well. This user friendly Windows 7 Home Premium comes with System Builder OEM DVD 1 Pack and runs on SP1 64bit. Now your PC will have a simple interface with the help of this powerful Windows software that is full of entertainment features to meet your entertainment needs. It has great navigation features such as Aero Shake, Jump Lists and Snap. You are able to personalize your Windows PC in your own way you like as you are able to change background colors, themes, task-bars, navigation in your own way. You can easily connect your Windows based PC with a printer or set up a home network to share files and folders with associated networks, friends, and family. Moreover, it is compatible with latest hardware and software to make sure you are fully updated all the times. Read more…

Adobe Photoshop Elements 13: photo editing software

Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 - Photo Editing Software
Organize, edit, enhance, create and share photos

The Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 lets you edit your images in an amazing way. You can easily add artistic touches to your photos in a different way that will be liked by your friends when you share. It lets you convert your images to depict your thoughts. You are able to show your creative skills in an amazing photo books and cards. No matter where you are, you can easily access your photo when you are traveling. The Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 lets you organize all your photo stuffs when you require them. You can easily order, level and view your photos in a different and unique way. For editing any photo, no previous knowledge is needed as it is very easy to edit photos. The Adobe Photoshop comes with great tutorial features that will guide you when you stuck. With this Adobe Photoshop Elements 13, you will surely enhance your creativity; you can make photo books, scrapbooks and cards to show them to your family and friends. It comes with great sharing feature that allows you to share a photo-book via websites, social networking websites and photo sharing websites. It comes with great syncing feature that allows syncing of your photo with your smart-phones to access them anywhere you want. Read more…

Video Editing Software Reviews: VideoStudio Ultimate X7 vs Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite 12

VideoStudio Ultimate X7

Buy Download VideoStudio Ultimate X7
Latest 64-bit video FX apps, Edit in Full HD

The VideoStudio Ultimate X7 provides a quick and simple way to produce creative videos of your choice. The videos edited with the help of this powerful video editing software (VideoStudio Ulitmate) look amazing on any screens. It comes with best quality 64-bit video FX apps so that you can edit in Full HD and experience more tracks in minimum time. The VideoStudio Ultimate X7 comes with powerful tools for more pro quality videos. Now make fun of the best looking videos that have the capability of up-scaling HD to 4K. The video editing software comes with new 64-bit power that gives fast speed, better quality and the best performance across the board. Now video editing has gotten very easy and fast with the invention of such powerful VideoStudio Ultimate X7. It features FastFlick to merge videos and to slideshow in fewer steps. You have the flexibility to enhance pictures, videos fron an Instant Project template. It enables you to enhance videos in Full HD and apply more tracks in less time with noticeably enhanced multi-track performance. It is really very easy to work with responsive video editing software easier than ever. It delivers great visuals in 4K resolution, Full High Definition screen, latest Media Library to give an exciting look to your videos and slideshows. It comes with all the latest video enhancement and video editing tools you wished for. Also, you will enjoy creating videos with greater timeline and personalized features.

With the help of this VideoStudio Ultimate X7, you can easily produce amazing videos for YouTube, Faebook and other video sharing websites. Now is the time to create amazing videos and share online with multiple social networking websites on a mouse click. You can also share these videos with multiple supported devices such as personal computer, Blu-ray, DVD and Smartphone. Read more…

Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite 12

Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite 12
Special effects and transitions, Sound Forge Audio Studio 10

The Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite 12 is a great video editing software program that lets you crate movies in dramatic AVCHD and stereoscopic 3D formats. It comes with great sound editing, video upload and video burning features. This Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite 12 delivers the best quality result as it comes with rich features for video creation, color adjustment, animation, titling and many others. For creating 5.1 soundtracks, it comes loaded with powerful tools such as sound mixing tools and other tools that work with the sound of videos. You can adjust the style and give a new look to your videos with the help of NewBlueFX 3D Titling feature that is great for giving extra effects to movies. When you finish creating your videos, you can upload them to your Pixel cast Plus account, this account is free for the next one year since you purchase this Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite 12.  In the course of creating or editing videos, you get any difficulties; you can take help of its tutorial (Show Me How) to get familiar with new features and complicated features that are difficult to understand by yourself. The software comes with great video sharing features and allows you to upload your enhanced videos to Pixelcast, YouTube, Ipod and other supported devices. Read more…

Sony Movie Studio 13 Platinum- 30 Day Free Trial [Download]

Sony Movie Studio 13 Platinum- 30 Day Free Trial [Download]
Native 4K XAVC S file format support, Upload directly to Facebook
The Sony Movie Studio 13 Platinum comes with excellent features that are very easy to understand. It lets you access 2 powerful edit modes, simple and advanced. Now you can produce stunning looking videos in native 4K resolution. It comes with great 3D video editing tools for producing 3D videos. It comes loaded with 100s of videos and audios effects that very useful for creating good looking videos. It comes with great personalization features such animations, title rolls, scrolling credits and many others. You can captures your happiest and amazing moments in your smart-phone, and use those videos and images to make stunning videos with the help of this Sony Movie video editing software that is being sold at Amazon shopping website at a low price. The video editing software from Sony Movie comes with simple and advanced edit modes for all your video editing requirements. You can create videos on a touch screen based devices. It allows editing 4K (ultra HD) XAVC S files and lets you give a shaky footage to your movies. The software features great upload options to upload videos to social networking sites such as YouTube, Facebook and other video sharing websites. Read more…

Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 Production Suite

Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 Production Suite [Old Version]
produce movies with special effects, Create DVDs and Blu-ray Disc media
This Sony Vega Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 Production Suite has all the tools that you need to create stunning movies without spending too much time. It lets you explore your artistic creativity as it has too many impressive tools, tutorials, effects to enhance your videos. If you are going to buy a video editing software program, this Sony Vegas Studio can be the best choice. It allows video editing any formats including HDV and AVCHD. It comes with advanced stereoscopic 3D tools and amazing features for video compositing, color adjustment and soundtrack. It lets you choose from 100s of stylish 2D and 3D video effects, filters. It comes with an easy to follow tutorial named Show Me How that will help you get started very fast. It also lets you use Sound Forge Audio Studio software for all your audio editing requirements and it has more than 400 specials music soundtracks.  The Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 Production Suite has all the features that you need to import, enhance, adjust, edit, correct videos and the output comes in stunning videos to please your eyes. Read more…

Antivirus Software Reviews: Norton Security vs Kaspersky Internet Security 2015

Norton Security (For 5 Devices)

Norton Security (For 5 Devices) [Download]
Move protection from one device to another, Maintains your privacy
The Norton Security (For 5 Devices) works for many devices such as computers, Macs, mobile phones, tablets etc. Your devices are fully protected with the help of its complete protections. Your devices are 100% safe if you have installed Norton Security software to protect them. It provides complete web protection, mobile device location and it comes with great privacy technology. The anti-virus software gives you many ways to use and connect. The Norton Security (For 5 Devices) is very helpful to provide complete safety to your devices that are connected with internet. It protects you from online threats, identity theft and financial scams. Your mobile devices and tablets are completely safe from loss and privacy concerns such as discarded access to your messages, images and other valuable content of your mobile phones. The software ensures that your devices are always protected when you change your devices that you own. It lets you easily transfer the software from one device to other with full protection without the fear of losing data. The Norton Security (For 5 Devices) ensures that you are fully protected as it guarantees that your devices are free from viruses and malware. Read more…

Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 (3 PCs)

Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 3 User, 1 Year
Protects against all types of Internet threats

The Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 provides the best protection to your personal or business computers. It gets rid of all internet threats, virus, malware, unwanted access and other similar activities. The Kaspersky is powered by latest technologies including safe mode to provide the best protection to  your financial activities when you shop online with your bank details. It has reliable features such as webcam protection, Wi-Fi security notifications to safeguard your online privacy and identity. The Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 delivers live internet protection killing all types of viruses and threats. It lets you protect online banking and shopping activities with the help of its special Safe Money technology. It protects your online privacy and identity. It has a great capability of knowing doubtful and phishing websites. It works to stop spying through unwanted access to your web camera. It will automatically notify you when you connect with any unsecured networks. It comes with great parent control solution to help keep your kids safe from online threats. Now is the time to get complete PC protection where you are not going to compromise your PC performance. Read more…

Payroll Software Reviews: QuickBooks Pro with Enhanced Payroll 2015 vs Ame Small Business Payroll

QuickBooks Pro with Enhanced Payroll 2015

QuickBooks Pro with Enhanced Payroll 2015
Simple installation, compatible with Windows

The QuickBooks Pro with Enhanced Payroll 2015 shows overall stats of your business in just one click. It will quickly show balance sheet stats and top customers. It delivers enhanced reports so that you can easily see where you need to improve your business. The clear layout design provides an easy way to read & customize stats. You have the ability to add comment and share the insights. The QuickBooks Pro with Enhanced Payroll 2015 comes with great sharing features so that you can easily share accounting data with your accountant, manager or anyone else who manages accounting works. You can easily save the customized data in a shared folder. Most importantly, this enhanced version of QuickBooks 2015 comes with great notification features so that you can easily see the significant data of your business clients and view all reminders and announcements in one window. Moreover, if you are not happy with this payroll software, you can claim your money back, simply return this product to Intuit within 60 days and claim your money back. Read more…

Ame Small Business Payroll

Ame Small Business Payroll
Perfect for any business, Print checks on your computer

The Ame Small Business Payroll is perfect for any business (small or large). This payroll software will surely save lots of time and money spent on your business accounting works. It comes with check printing features. Also, this is environment friendly software as you don’t have to use paper for the checks as you can easily deposit from your computer. To runs this Ame payroll software, your computer should has Windows Vista/7/XP installed. Most importantly, it comes with a refund policy of 60 days, in case you are not happy with the software you can get refund as well. Now is the time to save money on payroll specialist, this payroll program will pay for itself in just one month. You also get free unlimited customer support for the next 60 days. Read more…



Bookkeeper: Easily Manage Your Business Finances

Easily Manage Your Business Finances
General ledger, Process credit cards

This Bookkeeper: Easily Manage Your Business Finances comes with great features and it runs on Windows Vista/7/8/XP. The important features are general ledger, payables, receivables, check-writing, invoicing, billing and payroll. It has a feature to process credit cards and to generate custom reports. It comes with great data import feature so that you can easily import product and contact data.

This Bookkeeper lets you organize your daily accounting tasks from one screen. You are able to create checks, pay bills, pay invoices, process payroll, check receivables and it has great tax features. This is really a great accounting software program that should be used in any businesses for all your accounting purposes. Now is the time to save time spent on accounting and you are also going to save money as it comes at a low price. Read more…



CheckMark Payroll

CheckMark PayrollThe CheckMark Payroll software can be an easy way to do payroll. It comes with great tutorial feature that guides you step-by-step and you don’t have to have previous accounting knowledge to use this payroll software. This CheckMark payroll also comes with 60-day of free tech support so that your all accounting and other questions will get resolved. This payroll software programs experts posting amounts to MultiLedger, QuickBooks and Peachtree and other payroll software programs. This easy to use payroll software (CheckMark) is very affordable to buy from Amazon. It comes with great capability to handle unlimited businesses and employees. It has an integrated feature of federal tax tables and all state tax tables. Most importantly, it supports Windows 7/ Vista/XP, Mac OS as you are already familiar with these popular operating systems. Read more…


FingerTec Time Attendance TA200 Plus Color Fingerprint With RFID Time Clock

FingerTec Time Attendance TA200FingerTec TA200 Plus Time Clock comes with high capability of data transfer, user enrollment and connectivity. To provide complete attendance solution, the product comes with advanced TCMS V2 software, multilingual manuals and a DVD tutorial. The device can store maximum 12,000 fingerprint patterns and 0.2 million transactions. The device is ideal for a large-scale business with up to 6,000 staffs. With all these capabilities, the TA200 plus has become the best selling biometric time recorder. Now you have to look no further for all your time attendance requirements as the device works wonderfully for such purposes.

TCMS V2 Software

The device uses TCMS V2 software which helps in providing complete time and attendance system for fingerprint, facial and card recording purposes. The company that makes the device has passed more than 10 years delivering the great work with multilingual capabilities. It has gained good popularity by millions of users all over the world for all their time management and attendance requirements. The TCMS V2 Software comes pre-loaded with all the advanced features letting users save time for attendance, timekeeping, tracking and data collection.

The software is capable to integrate maximum 999 terminals on one IP address for the fingerprint readers and accurate attendance-time report needs. TCMS V2 has many advanced features in multiple languages for meeting demand of latest working atmosphere. The TCMS V2 software is compatible with Windows operating system which is really very easy to use as most people are already familiar with Windows platform.

Main Features of TCMS V2 Software:

  • Time & attendance management
  • Six customized daily clocking activities
  • Compatible with 24-hour working environment
  • A powerful system for various FingerTec readers
  • Data download option
  • Audit trail reports
  • Job costing functions

FingerTec Time Attendance TA200 is an advanced attendance recording device; its display is of high resolution color for clear reading. The FingerTec TA200 has a huge storage capability. This can be a good device for attendance time management. It allows many methods of verification such as fingerprint, password and RFID card. FingerTec also comes with great multimedia functions like work code and staff communication through text messaging.
As FingerTec Time Attendance TA200 performs many tasks of payroll software, it has gotten good user reviews on Amazon and other shopping websites. But it will be safe if you buy FingerTec Time Attandance TA200 from Amazon because Amazon is the safest shopping website for buying anything. More importantly, you are able to read customer reviews on the same product page. Read more…

Tax Software Reviews: H&R Block Tax Software vs TurboTax Deluxe Fed

H&R Block Tax Software Deluxe + State 2013 Win

H&R Block Tax SoftwareAccording to Tax Software Reviews by users on Amazon, the H&R Block Tax Software Deluxe greatly works for tax related stuffs for middle and small businesses. If you are filling your federal taxes, you need this software for helpful guidance provided by its tax professionals that are very helpful to all your federal tax filling related matters. The HR Block Tax Software is very simple to use, additionally the software scans a long list of deductions to provide you the adequate tax relief for all your savings. For assistance, you can access 24×7 chat support provided by tax professionals and other HR Block software staffs. Also, you get a refund assurance that ensures you are going to make the best use of your money spent on this software purchase. When you are able to access this HR Block Tax Software, you have plenty of options such as live chat support from its executives, without-charge audit support, Q&A (contains most of tax related questions), option to import from TurboTax and Quicken software, easy access to W-2, 1099 forms and previous year return, accuracy review in case you made any mistakes, 100% accuracy and refund guarantee. Read more…

TurboTax Deluxe Fed + Efile + State 2013 with Refund Bonus Offer

TurboTax Deluxe FedThe TurboTax Deluxe Fed is an improved version with options such as state preparation, printing etc. If you need access the state e-File; you can access it by paying an additional fee. Now you don’t have any problems in filling up your taxes, you can do it with 100% accuracy with the help of this TurboTax Deluxe Fed. Its advanced tutorial teaches you each and every thing about using the software to get maximum benefits. The software is advanced enough, and it makes the process very easy to use, at the same time, the software finds hundreds of latest deductions and credits based on your financial status. The software covers latest tax and healthcare laws to provide you the maximum tax assistance. Also, you access its live chat support and other customer supports, in case you have any questions. Ultimately, the software is very helpful to give maximum returns by eliminating those areas that require auditing; if any blunders detected, the software will automatically suggest you ways to handle those errors. Additionally, it provides a step-by-step guidance that is very helpful for basic understanding of operating this software. Read more…

H&R Block Tax Software Premium + State 2013 Win

H&R Block Tax Software PremiumThe H&R Block Tax Premium Software can be used by homeowners, investors and other individuals who need file their taxes. The software comes with required tools to help you fill all your federal taxes. The software tells you other important precautions to get the best performance. If you don’t understand any features of this software, you can easily connect to its chat support and quickly get tax professionals’ assistance. Read more…

TurboTax Home and Business Fed + Efile + State 2013 with Refund Bonus Offer

TurboTax Home and Business FedThe TurboTax Home and Business Fed helps you do your personal and small business taxes with 100% accuracy. You get personalized guidance for self-employment home business deductions covering latest tax and healthcare related laws. As per Tax Software Reviews, using this tax software, you can double-check your return and deductions and credits to avoid triggering an audit. The purchase includes 4 free federal e-files and one download of a Turbo Tax State product. You can also access to its federal refund via purchasing an gift card to save extra 10%. The software includes state preparation and printing options, but e-file can separately be purchased. Read more…

Income Tax Fundamentals 2013 (with H&R BLOCK At Home(TM) Tax Preparation Software CD-ROM)

Income Tax Fundamentals 2013The Income Tax Fundamentals 2013 Tax Preparation Software is the guidance you need to educate yourself for filling different kinds of income and other taxes. The software covers almost all the tax related stuffs, what you need to do is to give a little time to understand to educate yourself. The author of this software is Gerald E. Whittenburg, a professor of accounting and taxation at Sand Diego State University. The author has done extensive research before creation of this effective software, which covers an individual income tax return, gross income and exclusions, business incomes and expenses and many others. Read more…