Cell Phones Reviews: Motorola Moto G vs HTC Inspire 4G A9192 Unlocked GSM Smartphone

Motorola Moto G – Global GSM – Unlocked – 16GB

Motorola Moto GWhen it comes to Cell Phones Reviews, the Motorola Moto G Unlocked 16GB phone is compatible with all GSM networks such as AT&T, T-Mobile and others. The phone is well-designed to work with 3G (UMTS or HSPA+) networks, if you are traveling outside of the U.S.A. Please make sure that it supports 2G coverage on T-Mobile. Talking about display capability, it has 4.5 inches 720P HD TFT screen, which is perfect for clear viewing needs. And the processor is of quad-core 1.2 GHz with 450 MHz graphics. It has 5MP cameras on rear as well as front sides. Read more…



HTC Inspire 4G A9192 Unlocked GSM Smartphone w/ 8MP Camera – Red

HTC Inspire 4G A9192

The HTC Inspire 4G A9192 Unlocked GSM Smartphone has 8 megapixels camera, and it looks stylish in the red color. With this A9192 mobile phone, you are going to enjoy a new level of experience without spending too much money. The cell phone has a 1 GHz processor that is enough for all your internet browsing, game playing and other stuffs. You will experience a faster and smoother multitasking capability of this cell phone. The HTC Inspire 4G A9192 uses Android 2.2 platform that is helpful to accept any kind of personalized applications. The A9192 has a 4.3 inches touch-screen, which is perfect for watching movies, playing games and browsing the internet. Now you are going to experience an advanced streaming of your preferred movies, videos and music at very high speeds, because it doesn’t have any problems in supporting 3G networks. Moreover, you are going to browse the internet, when you are traveling via Wi-Fi connectivity of the 3G Smartphone. Also, the phone lets you snap pictures of any moments in high quality. Read more…

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