900 Calorie High-Density Mass Gainer: Champion Nutrition Heavyweight Gainer

Natural constituent of the proteins - Champion Nutrition Heavyweight Gainer
900 Calories per serving

The Champion Nutrition Heavyweight Gainer 900 calorie high density mass gainer contains 900 calories per serving. This is a great mass gainer for athletes, sports personals, bodybuilders and others. The Tryptophan in this product works for a natural constituent of the proteins. According to many reviews, this product works for the main protein source for all their weight gaining needs. People are using this product for years to fulfill protein requirements in their body. It doesn’t taste bad as you will be getting a taste of cold hot chocolate. 4 scoops equal to 900 calories from this product per serving, total it contains 21 servings in one container. But 4 scoops can be a little more than normal; my recommendation is only 2 scoops if you weigh approx. 130 lbs. Read more…


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  1. This Champion Nutrition mass gainer will sure make you champion, I am saying this because I’m experiencing its benefit in gaining mass. If you don’t believe me then just see its reviews on Amazon and know what other users are saying about this high grade mass gainer. The main highlight is the 900 calories/serving that is really outstanding. It can definitely work for athletes, football players, cricket players and bodybuilders. It tastes like chocolate so you can’t expect a bad taste from this nutrition product. Since it is a mass gainer so please don’t expect whey protein related stuffs in relation to protein supplement for muscle building but it does help a lot in gaining masses. And it sells at extremely cheap price if you are buying from Amazon but you can’t find the same quality product in such prices from other expensive brands.

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