Chicken Coop Guides

chicken coopsChicken Coop Guides is going to teach you how to build a strong, safe and practical chicken coop very easily. This is an easy to follow guide for making chicken cook very easily. You can build many chicken coop following these easy plan that has everything you need. Plan No. 1 teaches you making a chicken hut and the plan is made in a way so that it can meet all the needs of your beautiful poultry. This chick hut is composed of integrated roosts, manual cleaning nesting box, 2 accesses and a closable chicken access. In Plan No. 2, you will learn making poultry shack, it is a throw-back in traditional way with the seated rafters, shed-style appearance and a complete chicken run attachment. Plan No. 3 is of cluck carrier, it is a great tool for people having 1-5 chickens. And this poultry shack is far better than any backyard type chicken coops. The cluck carrier has 3 openings for cleaning and easy chicken removal, and it is made keeping convenience in mind. It has suitable boxes to gather eggs very easily. Amazingly, this plan is composed of many plans that you can use to make a beautiful looking chicken coop yourself very easily. Read more…

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