Classic Brands 11 Inch Plush Latex Mattress, Natural Latex Foam, 25-Year Warranty, King Size

11 inch latex mattress: 3 inches plush latex foam over 8 inches of high density support foamClassic Brands 11 Inch Plush Latex Mattress features 3-inch latex foam and 8-inch of thicker support foam. This plus mattress scores 7 on a 1-10 comfort scale. This Classic Brands 11-inch Plush Latex mattress can fit easily in small bedrooms and it is shipped compressed for your convenience, compressed shipping also helps in reducing shipping cost as well. Moreover, this is a ventilated latex foam mattress that delivers throughout airflow keeping you cool all the night. Moreover, it is a hypoallergenic mattress that is free from dust-mite, mold-and-mildew and it comes with 25-year of limited warranty. Read more…

2 Comments on “Classic Brands 11 Inch Plush Latex Mattress, Natural Latex Foam, 25-Year Warranty, King Size”

  1. Important features are:

    3-inch of ventilated latex foam
    8-inch of high density base foam
    Since it uses ventilated latex so it is good to promote airflow
    Good to relieve pressure points
    Minimized motion transfer
    No requirement of flipping and rotation
    27 years of limited warranty

  2. Classic Brands latex mattress comes with an impressive 8-inch support layer that is very responsible for providing utmost durability and stability. There will be no effect to the mattress upon your body movements so it is pretty stable mattress because of the thicker base. If you are buying this mattress from Amazon, it is available in multiple sizes to choose from, you can choose a size as per your requirements. Moreover, it is protected with an impressive warranty period of 25 years.

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