COSMI Easy Payroll Plus (Windows): a complete payroll accounting system!

COSMI Easy Payroll Plus (Windows)COSMI Easy Payroll Plus (Windows) lets you do your business accounting in an efficient way and save hundreds of dollars on yearly subscriptions and other service fees. This simple and powerful accounting software program is being used in more than 40 countries by 100,000 businesses. It comes with complete accounting modules for accounts payables, receivable, administration, general ledger and federal poster kits. This is a tested program for all your business accounting requirements. The COSMI Easy Payroll Plus (Windows) has impressive features from startup to backup. This program has the capability to run automatically to save time spent on accounting related works. It comes with 4 modules such as administration, AP, AR and payroll; you can easily compare with popular accounting programs. It comes with a file maintenance feature that has the great implication in accounting related works. You can easily customize company information, update fiscal periods, tax tables, vendors, clients, prices and generate reports, print labels and send emails to a group. Read more…

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