Delta City Street Side by Side Stroller Review

Buy Delta City Street Side by Side Stroller for your babies at a low price from!The Delta City Street Side by Side Stroller comes in an attractive black color which looks good to children and they enjoy sitting into it. The lightweight stroller is designed with a umbrella folding feature. It is very flexible for babies as they won’t feel any difficulties sitting into the Delta City Stroller. This stroller can easily cross through a 30-inch wide doorway opening as most of the doorway openings are of around 30” to 40”. It comes with a parent holder with 2 attachment points which are very flexible for a smooth moving experience. Most importantly, the inner stroller parts are made of fabric materials which give soft touch and feel. This sport color stroller is a favorite color for babies.
The stroller is prepared for both child and adult, 3 points harness provides complete safety to the baby or whoever sitting into it. It is approved from JPMA, weighs 19 pounds in the size of 33/33/36.5 inches, made in China. Wheel tires are made of durable plastic, due to overall fabric construction it is very strong, perfect for two children.Read more…

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