Dyntrap Insect Trap – 1/2 Acre Pole Mount w/Water Tray Reviews

Dyntrap Insect TrapThe Dyntrap Insect Trap covers ½ acre area as it has a great mosquito attracting capacity of H2O. The trap protects you from dangerous flying insects or mosquitoes in multiple ways. Dyntrap has a UV fluorescent bulb which generates warm light for the purpose of attracting insects. After this, its Ti02 titanium dioxide-coated surface emits CO2, which helps in killing mosquitoes and other insects. The trap also kills egg-laying mosquitoes living in gathered water. It has an advanced, quiet vacuum fan which sucks mosquitoes into the retaining cage where the mosquitoes are killed. It is very convenient with the  pole stand which allows you to place the unit wherever you want. Read more…

Main features:

  • Covers up to ½ acre area
  • Sturdy and weather-proof construction
  • Free from pesticide and odor
  • Quiet operation
  • No zapping or buzzing

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