Fountainhead/Burgess Prod 16443652N Propane-Powered Insect Fogger, 40-oz.

Fountainhead Prod 16443652NThe Fountainhead 16443652N Insect Fogger comes in a compact size to conveniently use in outdoor/indoor areas.. This effective thermal propane fogger is an advanced and affordable way to kill flying insects and biting flies. The fountainhead Insect Fogger helps kill any types of dangerous mosquitoes such as West Nile virus. You can use this insect fogger for backyard party, barbecues and other outdoor events. The unit has a 40-oz pot, and it uses an average propane cylinder (the cylinder is not included with this product). Most importantly, the product has a trigger lock for preventing accidental dispensing of insecticide. In few minutes, you can protect a large sized yard from mosquitoes. Read more…

Main features:

  • Ideal for immediate solution from mosquitoes
  • Perfect to use for backyard party, outdoor events
  • Bug-free in few minutes
  • Portable propane
  • Limited warranty of one year

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