iCandy Peach Converter Kit Sweet Pea- IW513 Review 2014

iCandy Peach Converter Kit Sweet Pea- IW513 Review 2014

iCandy PeachThe iCandy Peach Converter Kit is designed in sweet pea color which looks really attractive with your existing buggy. Your child will enjoy a lot seeing this color of stroller. You can easily use it to your iCandy Peach Single Stroller to make a double stroller. It will give you 3 positions for recline to provide softness and comfort to your baby. It also includes bumper bar. iCandy Peach Converter Kit can fit many strollers of popular brands such as Graco, Maxi Cosi, Cybex Aton and others. Please make sure that the adapter is sold separately. If you are already having a single stroller and second baby is coming then it will really be an affordable choice to convert your single stroller to a double stroller without spending too much money and you are going to utilize your previous stroller in a better way. Read more…

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