iCandy Peach Main Bassinet- Black Jack Review

iCandy Peach Main BassinetThe iCandy Peach Main Bassinet is perfect for all your baby’s strolling requirements. You will make lots of fun using this iCandy Peach Mini Bassinet. You can use it with your Peach Single Stroller if you have the converter kit, or you can use it with Peach Blossom Stroller. The bassinet will either be on the upper side or the lower side, while plenty of space is in your hand to keep car seat with the help of an adapter. The iCandy Peach Main Bassinet is perfect for newborn babies below 6 months. Your baby will enjoy sitting in this flexible and comfort iCandy Peach Main Bassinet as it comes with great colors which attract baby. The stroller has also a sunshade cover which can be removed or kept according to your own requirements. You also get an Apron Rain cover with a washable mattress pad. For folding, the iCandy Peach Main Bassinet can be folded flat for easy storage and it doesn’t require much assembling works. Read more…

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