Intex Supreme Air-Flow Airbed with Built-in Electric Pump, Queen

Measurements will vary based on customer's inflation. Airbeds are measured from the widest point including the beams (bulges) on the side and off the tallest point from the floor including built-in pillows if applicable.Intex Supreme Air-Flow Airbed with Built-in Electric Pump is like a traditional bed but you don?t have to buy an actual traditional bed. This branded Intex queen-size airbed is made for travellers who want a comfort bed and greater convenience during the travel hours. The airbed features a unique bunch of air cells that are inter-connected with each other causing air to flow efficiently. Intex Supreme Air-Flow airbed is made in a special technology that gives luxurious sleeping surface that is utmost stable and comfortable. It also comes with a tested water-resistant flocked top (20.8 gauge), 15 gauge vinyl beams and 16 gauge sides and bottom for excellent stability. Amazingly, such mattresses are very simple to inflate because it comes integrated with a powerful electric pump that doesn?t take more than 4 minutes to inflate an airbed. You won?t experience any fussing and other related issues with this high grade air bed that is priced at low and has excellent features ate are only found in costly airbeds. Most importantly, you are able to personalize the comfort level according your comfort sleeping requirements. It raises 20-inch from the floor, so it naturally taller than most inflatable mattresses. It measures 60 x 20 x 80 inches. This mattress comes in an official queen size making it a good fit for fitted sheets. Even more, it comes with a large capacity of 600 pounds, the choices are yours whether you are sleeping in a too crowded house or you can set up like a guest bed in the basement. With this purchase, you also get an AC power cord and a duffel bag for storage. Read more…

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