Milk-derived Proteins: Phase8,Milk Chocolate, 2.0 lb., Sustained Release Protein

Milk Chocolate Phase8
Made of high grade protein sources with less fat and carbohydrates.

Phase8,Milk Chocolate contains fast-low release protein sources (6 premium protein sources), 26 grams of protein, premium quality of milk-derived proteins and has half the fat and carbohydrates of the popular competitors. It delivers great taste so I’m sure the taste can’t be a problem for you. The premium quality protein it uses has the capacity to provide amino acids in your blood-stream for eight hours just after taking it.  It uses anabolic and anti-catabolic protein that is good for muscle building related stuffs for a long period of time. It mainly contains high quality milk based protein sources that are made to digest at different rates and they keep your body at the perfect position for the repairing and recovery. It doesn’t’ contain any low quality proteins such as rice protein unlike the other protein blends. The flavor related stuffs in this Phase8,Milk Chocolate is managed for world’s top flavoring houses by protein flavoring experts so that it will taste better than its competitors on the market. Read more…

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