Mini Max LED Mosquito and Bug Catcher (Indoors and Outdoors) Review

Mini Max LED Mosquito and Bug CatcherMini Max LED Mosquito and Bug Catcher uses LED light of ultrasonic wave lengths to attract mosquitoes and other biting insects or flies. Now you can live in mosquito-free yard and you will enjoy easy life free from biting insects. The bug catcher has fixed fan to pull biting insects and they are kept in a tray which is easy to clean later. The product is certified from UL. It protects up to 100 sq ft. The product is safe from all the points, it doesn’t emit chemicals; it doesn’t give any kind of annoying noises and it is completely safe to the living environment. Mini Max LED Bug Catcher gives blue LED light in place of normal UV bulbs and it has quiet suction fan to attract flying insect within 80 sq. ft. from the unit. It has Windmill-style fan which produces additional suction to catch flying insects very easily and effectively. I will say it is a safe product to the environment and it doesn’t give any bad effect at all. It doesn’t produce wicked substances, chemicals or harmful light. The unit is very effective for catching alive mosquitoes without any horrible aroma. It is easy to install and no setup knowledge is required for setting up the unit.
Mini Max LED Mosquito and Bug Catcher is ready to use and it will start working as soon as you plug in the power cable and switch on the machine. It emits soft and warm glow from Led which doesn’t disturb your sleep at night. This is an energy-saving unit as it requires just 13W electricity to run, this is very reliable product. You can use it regularly without worrying about the electricity bills and other expenses as it is very affordable too. Read more…

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