Northgate Floor Lamp Electric Outdoor Heater Review

Northgate Floor Lamp Electric Outdoor HeaterThe Northgate Floor Lamp Electric Outdoor Heater is a great outdoor heater; you can easily use it in your outdoor decor to keep yourself warm in a cool weather. The Northgate floor lamp is designed with a long-lasting resin, and it looks extremely stylish in a dark-brown color. This is made in a cylinder design which can be used to spread heat on your table, chairs in a guest room. Above the halogen light, it has a smooth dome to shade the nearby areas like a lamp shade which advances the overall decoration of your indoor as well as outdoor area. You can enjoy the warmth of this outdoor heater from a 12 feet diameter. The heater has a 1200-watt halogen bulb which produces about 4095 BTUs. If the lamp is tilting, the self-safety tilt switch will automatically turn the heater off. You also get an 8-foot cord which can be plugged into a normal 120v electric board. The Northgate Floor Lamp Electric Outdoor Heater has passed all the quality tests, and it has been approved from CSA. The heater is produced by Blue Rhino which is a big brand with millions of happy customers worldwide; the company has manufactured various appliances such as barbecue grills, outdoor heaters, mosquito traps and many others. Read more…

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