Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy 65 Servings, Fruit Fusion, 585 Grams

Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy 65 Servings, Fruit Fusion, 585 GramsTake Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy anytime as it comes with refreshing fruit flavored boost of energy and alertness. You have the flexibility to choose the amount of this Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy, according to your eating habit, eating time, you can either take 2 scoop or 4 scoops as you wish. This micronized and fast absorbing energy product is very helpful to support recovery before, during and after workouts. It contains 100 milligram of caffeine from organic sources and 10 calories each serving with no sugar. You should know that muscle tissues are affected during extensive workout, amino acids are needed to build back stronger muscles, the product contains required amino acids to support exercise recovery. When you are much thirsty, you can take more water and less to quench your thirst. When you do heavy duty works, you may need more powder and less water as you are able to choose the amount of powder and beverage as per your requirements. This product is produced the trusty brand that is Optimum Nutrition, it has approx. 30 years of experience of producing such health booster products at affordable prices. Read more…

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