Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex Drink Mix, Chocolate, 20 Serving, 3.3 Pound

Pro Complex DrinkOptimum Nutrition Pro Complex Drink Mix is a muscle building product because muscles are made stronger with touch training and amino acids from protein. To help athletes meet their recovery needs, this product is developed with premium quality proteins with organically occurring and added BCAAs and L-glutamine. When you read the description carefully, you will notice that Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex has a lot to offer. It doesn’t create any problems in mixing and it delivers the best taste. This Pro Complex Drink Mix contains 60-gram premium proteins per two-scoop with 1.5-gram of extra micronized BCAAs and 500 milligram of extra L-glutamine. It contains just one-gram sugar, one-gram fat and 25% of daily value of Calcium per 2-scoops. Read more…

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