Peachtree By Sage First Accounting 2010: ideal for start-ups and small businesses

Old Version - Peachtree By Sage First Accounting 2010The Peachtree By Sage First Accounting 2010 comes with advanced tools for invoice creation, check writings, customer payment, expansion tracking, statement creation and financial statement creation. This is an easy to use essential accounting software program that increases your productivity and it doesn’t cost too much money to buy. It comes with installation guide so that you won’t have any problems in setting up the program with your computers. It has ~ 20 tutorial demos, 35 plus personalized reports and 30-day of unlimited free support for new customers. It has easy to understand interface that saves time and helps you follow customer invoices of billing and payment. The Peachtree accounting software is a perfect accounting software program for small businesses that are coming from a manual accounting system to a computerized accounting system. The software is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows XP platforms so you don’t have any problems in installation and understanding the program. Read more…

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