Pebble Certi-Pur Non Toxic Foam and Natural Latex Twin Mattress

Pebble Twin MattressThe Pebble Twin Mattress is approved from Certi-PUR-US, and it uses a non-toxic foam and natural latex to provide a healthy sleeping environment. The cover materials are eucalyptus, organic cotton, zinc, polyester, easy-close nylon zipper and Certi-Pur non-toxic foam. It comes with double air layers to foster oxygen flow across the mattress. It uses certified non-toxic foam core, which is very helpful to support body ensuring the required softness. Please make sure, for washing purposes, don’t use fabric softener or chlorine bleach. It is recommended to use a top sheet to provide long durability. The mattress comes in a size of 6-inch H by 39-inch W by 75-inch D. Read more…

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