Samsung Galaxy S4, White Frost 16GB (AT&T) Review

samsung-galaxyThe Samsung Galaxy S4, White Frost 16GB Smartphone has great functionalities and features that you can’t find with other Smart Phones, I will say. You can use this Smart Phone for all those things that you want to do, and you may not be familiar with other latest features and functionalities of this Smartphone as well. Amazingly, you are able to erase an image’s background annoying colors by just touching it. Record videos, snap pictures and do many things related to pictures and videos without touching the screen as well. Use its screen to check FaceBook just like you catch up on email. Samsung Galaxy S4, White Frost 16GB Smart Phone comes with a good design and a larger screen size with a long battery life. The phone is not only slim but strong enough too. Other important features are a 5” Full HD 1080p display, a 1.9 GHz quad-core processor, a 13 MP back-side camera, 2MP front camera, 16 GB memory space, 2 GB Ram and many others. Read more…

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