SBWorkbench Cash Forecast (90-day subscription)

SBWorkbench Cash Forecast (90-day subscription) [Online Code]
Small Business Estimation
The SBWorkbench Cash Forecast helps evaluate future financial status of a business. This application can be perfect for those important days of tax payment and captial purchases and other business investment related decision. With the help of this SBWorkbench Cash Forecast, you can decide where to invest money so that you will earn profit in future. This is really a great internet based application that should be used by all types of businesses. It is compatible with many popular accounting software programs and online banking data. With the purchase of this SBWorkbench Cash Forecast (90-day subscription), you also get SBWorkbench App Center access that has other tools related to cash forecast and lets you control your case in an efficient way to get more profit in your business.
It has also Inventory App to track inventory balances and adjustments. The application works with .csv files and other files to quickly upload data related to your business. It has a great alert feature that will notify you according to the notification features you have chosen. Read more…

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