Stansport Backpacker’s Air Mattress, Brown (19 x 70-Inch)

Stansport Backpacker's Air Mattress, Brown (19 x 70-Inch)This Stansport Backpacker?s Air mattress is made for lightweight backpacking and camping. If you are a traveller and you need to travel with your mattress, you will really love this Stansport mattress without any doubts. This branded air mattress (19 x 70 inches) is made from laminated nylon with polyurethane backing for longer durability. It has 6 self-governing chambers and it is well decorated with instant release valves for a quick deflation. With the purchase of this Stansport Backpacker?s air mattress, you also get a nylon based sack and a repair kit. Read more…

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