1250 Calories Per Serving Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Drink (12-pound)

1250 Calories Per Serving Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Drink (12-pound)

ON 12 Pound Serious Mass Drink, Strawberry,
Powered by creatine, glutamine

The Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Drink lets you energize your serious mass. Use an electric blender to add nuts, frozen fruits and other dietary ingredients to gain weight and recover muscles.

This nutritive product is produced by a trusted brand that is working in the field since 1986 to make sure you are buying a health supplement product that is trusted by millions of people all over the world. This product is mainly introduced to provide a higher nutrition standard to sports nutrition industry. This is the best manufacturer that provides nutritional product that is supported by GMP compliant. The company has main objective to provide high quality nutritional product for sports and athlete people.

Most importantly, all the products produced by the ON brand are tasty enough to include in your daily eating habits. It ensures less than 5-gram of fat/serving and no extra sugars. Serious Mass is an effective weight gaining formula that comes with required calories that count during recovery. Read more…

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