Best Personal Finance Software: Financial First Aid Kit vs iBank 5 vs Checksoft Personal Deluxe

Best Personal Finance Software: Financial First Aid Kit vs iBank 5 vs Checksoft Personal Deluxe

Financial First Aid Kit

olve urgent debt and credit problems quickly and easily
olve urgent debt and credit problems quickly and easily

The Financial First Aid Kit comes with a set of financial tools assisting you in your finance related matters and it allows you to develop a strong financial prospect so that you can easily start your own business and start earning income with the help of this powerful Financial First Aid Kit. It consists of Credit Repair eBook, New Bankruptcy eBook, The foreclosure Survival Guide eBook, Money Coach personal finance software, small business start-up eBook, eBay business kit, tax relief ebook for home business and many others. For getting rid of identity or privacy theft, it comes with Stopping Identity Theft eBook, audio book excerpts, the Busy Family’s guide to Money eBook and audio book excerpts and Your Little legal Companion book. Seeing the unstable economy of the world, it is very important to have a solid family’s finances, accurate credit card and the profitable financial future. The Financial First Aid Kit lets you make your own decisions related to your future finances and it provides you the best resolution to your finance problems so that you can direct yourself towards a healthy financial future. With the help of these financial eBooks, you will be able to overcome your current money problems, your family finances and create a manageable financial plan and set up a business to earn profit. Read more…

iBank 5 [Download]

iBank 5The iBank 5 is a powerful personal finance software program. It lets you watch account history, financial profile very quickly, download payment history digitally. The iBank 5 also lets you control your investments, budgets, bill payments and maintain credit cards payment, saving, checking and loan accounts in a powerful and simple interface that is very easy to understand. You can easily organize all your current accounts related to credit cards, loans, investments, download transaction history from the supported institutions. It lets you monitor buying and selling stuffs, account balances, overall financial portfolio, dividends and ROI. Read more…

 Checksoft Personal Deluxe

Checksoft Personal DeluxeThe Checksoft Personal Deluxe lets you manage your checkbook and monitor your finances. The check design of this software is compatible with top personal finance management software programs such as Quicken, Microsoft Small Business Accounting, MS Money and QuickBooks and it allows one-step check printing. You can easily monitor checking, saving, credit card, investment accounts. It comes with great reconciling feature to reconcile your banking transactions in few minutes. And you are able to see all your accounts’ activities at a glance. It comes with free 150 personal checks. Read more…


4 thoughts on “Best Personal Finance Software: Financial First Aid Kit vs iBank 5 vs Checksoft Personal Deluxe

  1. Ressie Molina

    If you managed to find a good financial software program, it will save you lots of time as well as money. I like Financial First Aid Kit because it is a great program that offers great financial recovery solution to experience a secure financial future. The one software program consists of many tools such as Nolo titles credit repair, The New Bankruptcy, The Small Business Start-up Kit, Home Business Tax Deductions and many others. You can easily create a personalized financial plan and you can control your family finances as well.

  2. Susie Docherty

    Financial First Aid Kit is a great software program for those who need financial help because the program scores high on many shopping website. The software contains all the information that you need to answer your financial questions and it is too fast and it works for the purpose. There are many other programs that can be used to solve your financial issues. In case you need to increase your credit rating, try checking “How to Remove All Negative Items from your Credit Report”, this is a great program by Riki Roash. You can also check “Hidden Credit Repair Secrets” by Mark Clayborne as well.

  3. Churchmgr

    I like Financial First Aid Kit, it is a great personal finance software that has easy interface to record and analyze data. Most importantly, it comes with bunch of eBooks such as Credit Repair eBook, The New Bankruptcy eBook, The Foreclosure Survival Guide eBook.

    Of course, it is a good software plan to solve your financial problems and plan your personal finance growth, family finance development, and manage your small business all at one place with complete tutorials.

  4. Pearlene Suttles

    Checksoft Personal Deluxe is a great program to organize your finance and to print custom checks. Also the checks designed with this program can also work with popular accounting software programs such as Quicken, MS Small Business Accounting, QuickBooks etc. It is also great to reconcile bank statements very quickly.


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