Build Powerful Muscle: CytoSport Monster Mass (Chocolate, 5.95 pounds)

Build Powerful Muscle: CytoSport Monster Mass (Chocolate, 5.95 pounds)

Monster Mass's 600+ calorie, advanced protein and carbohydrate
Get long lasting muscle gains.

The CytoSport Monster Mass has been prepared under serious scientific studies to build stronger muscles of athletes, sports personals. When you will give extra protein to your body, you will gain fast and stable muscular.

Of course, muscle growth depends on the amount of protein your body takes, higher the protein you take, stronger the muscles you get. This CytoSport Monster Mass is the most effective and easily digestible source of protein for your body according to the reviews from its users. It tastes great giving you a taste of milk shake. It contains more than 600 calories with impressive protein and carbohydrate mixture; it has become the definitive nutritional product.

If you are in a course of heavy weight training, it works to build powerful muscle. This CytoSport Monster Mass is both, fast and slow protein giver to your body. This has been tested and praised by millions of people as it works for them for their mass building requirements.

The great ability of fast and slow proteins develops powerful body that is great for athletes, sports people and other body building enthusiasts.
The CytoSport Monster Mass contains Aminogen, bromelain, papain and lactase for easy digestion. These ingredients ensure the proteins in this product deliver small peptide chains to ensure maximum absorption. It is 98-percent lactose free for an easy digest. Read more…



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