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  • Professional Mosquito Control Fogmaster Tri-Jet 6208 Review

    Mosquito Control Fogmaster Tri-Jet 6208If you are looking for an alternative to control mosquitoes in your backyard then you have now the Professional Mosquito Control Fogmaster Tri-Jet 6208. The product comes at an affordable price and you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to remove biting insects from your living area.
    This Professional Mosquito Control Fogmaster Tri-Jet 6208 is an handy mosquito control system which is made of strong aluminum. You can easily use this convenient mosquito control tri-jet in your backyards, larger properties and other outdoor places. You can also use this unit for applying disinfectants or germicides for removing odor as it can be helpful for using for multiple purposes in indoor or outdoor according to your specific demand. Also, it can be used for water as well as oil based liquids. Most importantly, it is lightweight and it comes in a portable size to go with anywhere you want. This mosquito solution product is really very popular product and it has passed more than 40 years providing good services for the purpose of getting rid of mosquitoes. Read more…

  • Fountainhead/Burgess Prod 16443652N Propane-Powered Insect Fogger, 40-oz.

    Fountainhead Prod 16443652NThe Fountainhead 16443652N Insect Fogger comes in a compact size to conveniently use in outdoor/indoor areas.. This effective thermal propane fogger is an advanced and affordable way to kill flying insects and biting flies. The fountainhead Insect Fogger helps kill any types of dangerous mosquitoes such as West Nile virus. You can use this insect fogger for backyard party, barbecues and other outdoor events. The unit has a 40-oz pot, and it uses an average propane cylinder (the cylinder is not included with this product). Most importantly, the product has a trigger lock for preventing accidental dispensing of insecticide. In few minutes, you can protect a large sized yard from mosquitoes. Read more…

    Main features:

    • Ideal for immediate solution from mosquitoes
    • Perfect to use for backyard party, outdoor events
    • Bug-free in few minutes
    • Portable propane
    • Limited warranty of one year
  • Dyntrap Insect Trap – 1/2 Acre Pole Mount w/Water Tray Reviews

    Dyntrap Insect TrapThe Dyntrap Insect Trap covers ½ acre area as it has a great mosquito attracting capacity of H2O. The trap protects you from dangerous flying insects or mosquitoes in multiple ways. Dyntrap has a UV fluorescent bulb which generates warm light for the purpose of attracting insects. After this, its Ti02 titanium dioxide-coated surface emits CO2, which helps in killing mosquitoes and other insects. The trap also kills egg-laying mosquitoes living in gathered water. It has an advanced, quiet vacuum fan which sucks mosquitoes into the retaining cage where the mosquitoes are killed. It is very convenient with the  pole stand which allows you to place the unit wherever you want. Read more…

    Main features:

    • Covers up to ½ acre area
    • Sturdy and weather-proof construction
    • Free from pesticide and odor
    • Quiet operation
    • No zapping or buzzing
  • Nile Mosquito Trap Review: Low Cost Insect Catcher

    Nile Mosquito TrapThe Nile Mosquito 2000 Trap produces UV lights to catch any types of flying insects including mosquitoes and other dangerous insects. The Trap has a low level of fan to trap mosquitoes and put them into a filter where they die and dry-out. It has a holding basked which can easily be removed to dispose died insects. The Nile Mosquito Trap is very convenient to use, you don’t have to replace, refill time-to-time. It effectively works when you place near the mosquito sources. The Nile 2000 trap requires 110v power to run. If you are using it outside, please make sure to protect it from the bad weather. Read more…

  • Northgate Floor Lamp Electric Outdoor Heater Review

    Northgate Floor Lamp Electric Outdoor HeaterThe Northgate Floor Lamp Electric Outdoor Heater is a great outdoor heater; you can easily use it in your outdoor decor to keep yourself warm in a cool weather. The Northgate floor lamp is designed with a long-lasting resin, and it looks extremely stylish in a dark-brown color. This is made in a cylinder design which can be used to spread heat on your table, chairs in a guest room. Above the halogen light, it has a smooth dome to shade the nearby areas like a lamp shade which advances the overall decoration of your indoor as well as outdoor area. You can enjoy the warmth of this outdoor heater from a 12 feet diameter. The heater has a 1200-watt halogen bulb which produces about 4095 BTUs. If the lamp is tilting, the self-safety tilt switch will automatically turn the heater off. You also get an 8-foot cord which can be plugged into a normal 120v electric board. The Northgate Floor Lamp Electric Outdoor Heater has passed all the quality tests, and it has been approved from CSA. The heater is produced by Blue Rhino which is a big brand with millions of happy customers worldwide; the company has manufactured various appliances such as barbecue grills, outdoor heaters, mosquito traps and many others. Read more…

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