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  • FIFA 15 – Xbox 360

    FIFA 15 - Xbox 360The FIFA 15 – Xbox 360 gives you a new soccer in stunning detail so that you can feel the emotion of the sport. Now you are going to feel the intensity of crowds and experience commentator’s speedy comments with the help of this FIFA 15 – Xbox 360. It allows the players to react to opponents and teammates within context. The futuristic visuals put enthusiasts on Living Pitches with grass that is affected as the match progresses. It has authentic player visuals to give natural appearance. It comes with a player control that heightens the responsiveness of player intensity. Read more…

  • Microsoft Office Home and Business 2013 (1PC/1User)

    Limited to one "licensed computer" - Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013The Microsoft Office Home and Business 2013 is designed for fast performance and to help you crate and communicate fast with advanced features. Moreover, it lets you save your valuable files in cloud on SkyDrive to access virtually anywhere you want. The program lets you access Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook on one PC. It comes with a modern look with a simple navigation feature. In the latest version of this Microsoft Office Home and Business 2013, you can work efficiently from anywhere you want. Apart from updating the regular Office suites, Microsoft has introduced new subscription versions of Office; each subscription has the 2013 versions of the Office applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. As soon as you purchase this Microsoft Office subscription, you become a subscriber and you also receive future rights to version upgrades and per-use rights across multiple PCs and Macs and select mobile devices. For more information on devices, internet connection required, usage charges, you can visit The Microsoft Office Home and Business 2013 includes MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook. You just need to purchase once to use for the life time on one PC, please make that you are restricted to transfer the license with other users. You get 7GB of online storage in SkyDrive that is enough for storing your important business or personal files. You also get free Office Web Apps for editing and sharing documents. The user dashboard is compatible with pen, touch and keyboard. Read more…

  • Peachtree Complete Accounting 2010: robust core accounting for small businesses

    Peachtree Complete Accounting 2010The Peachtree Complete Accounting 2010 is a profitable accounting program for start up businesses with the help of its powerful features such as job costing, time and billing and detailed inventory option. It comes with multi-user option that helps a lot in improving overall productivity of a business, plus it provides screen level security with an easy to understand audit trail. It features above 25 business reports, financial statements and many others. It comes with simple user interface so that you won’t have any difficulties in understanding the feature and you will be able to save the time. It comes with multi-tasking screen and comparative budget feature. It features audit trail that helps a lot in error correction and eliminating fraud. Of course, you are going to have a better accounting system of your business with the help of this powerful Peachtree Complete Accounting 2010.
    It comes with an easy to understand transaction history feature so that you can easily see all history related to a particular customer or vendor transaction throughout the entire chain of events. Get access purchase and payment history very quickly using this feature. You can have a comparative view of your company’s overall strength with other similar companies and see why you are getting profit or why you are bearing loss. You can easily view live important financial movements in order to compare items like total revenue, gross margin percentage. Read more…

  • COSMI Easy Payroll Plus (Windows): a complete payroll accounting system!

    COSMI Easy Payroll Plus (Windows)COSMI Easy Payroll Plus (Windows) lets you do your business accounting in an efficient way and save hundreds of dollars on yearly subscriptions and other service fees.

    This simple and powerful accounting software program is being used in more than 40 countries by 100,000 businesses. It comes with complete accounting modules for accounts payable, receivable, administration, general ledger and federal poster kits. This is a tested program for all your business accounting requirements.

    The COSMI Easy Payroll Plus (Windows) has impressive features from startup to backup. This program has the capability to run automatically to save time spent on accounting related works. It comes with 4 modules such as administration, AP, AR and payroll; you can easily compare with popular accounting programs. It comes with a file maintenance feature that has the great implication in accounting related works.

    You can easily customize company information, update fiscal periods, tax tables, vendors, clients, prices and generate reports, print labels and send emails to a group. Read more…

  • QuickBooks Pro 2008 W/Payroll 2008

    Payroll 2008 QuickBooks ProThe QuickBooks Pro 2008 W/Payroll 2008 lets you import content from Excel so that you can easily access to a list of your current customers, vendors, products and other data based on your business types and requirements. Further you are able to customize the spreadsheet table in a personalized way that suites your need. Also, you can make a template of excel file so that you can use it again and again means you are going to save lots of time spent on these excel related stuffs. Moreover, the QuickBooks Pro 2008 W/Payroll 2008 allows you to access content from Quicken, Peachtree, Microsoft and other popular payroll software programs. In installation, it doesn’t take much time and you may not need the help of a support team. You just need to answer a few basic questions to get a personalized setup.
    If you are a new user to this QuickBooks Pro 2008 W/Payroll 2008, you get step-by-step tutorial that will help you learn QuickBooks faster. With the help of this step-by-step QuickBook operation guide, you can learn the key features and it will help further in your accounting related works. It also comes with a built-in learning center that can be used to learn the features of this program whenever you want. Read more…

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