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  • H&R Block Tax Software Premium & Business 2014 Win

    H&R Block Tax Software Deluxe + State 2014 Win [Download]If you are filling taxes and it is a part of your business accounting, you need a software program such as H&R Block Tax Software Premium & Business 2014 Win that helps a lot in calculating taxes. The software program is two complete easy to use programs in one.

    The H&R Block Tax Software has all the things that you need to complete business federal and state taxes. It features unlimited online chat, and it has 100s of deductions to get financial relief from the taxes.

    This is really a perfect tax software program for corporate, small businesses as well. The program helps in business tax preparation, payroll and employer forms and it has a great audit feature to take care of your all tax related auditing requirements. Moreover, you get free unlimited expert tax support through online chat, personalized audit support, and it helps prepare for an audit and provides a tax professional to represent them in person. Read more…

  • SBWorkbench Cash Forecast (90-day subscription)

    SBWorkbench Cash Forecast (90-day subscription) [Online Code]
    Small Business Estimation
    The SBWorkbench Cash Forecast helps evaluate future financial status of a business. This application can be perfect for those important days of tax payment and captial purchases and other business investment related decision. With the help of this SBWorkbench Cash Forecast, you can decide where to invest money so that you will earn profit in future. This is really a great internet based application that should be used by all types of businesses. It is compatible with many popular accounting software programs and online banking data. With the purchase of this SBWorkbench Cash Forecast (90-day subscription), you also get SBWorkbench App Center access that has other tools related to cash forecast and lets you control your case in an efficient way to get more profit in your business.
    It has also Inventory App to track inventory balances and adjustments. The application works with .csv files and other files to quickly upload data related to your business. It has a great alert feature that will notify you according to the notification features you have chosen. Read more…

  • Peachtree By Sage Premium Accounting 2010 Multi-User

    Peachtree Premium Accounting for Construction 2010 Multi-userThe Peachtree By Sage Premium Accounting 2010 Multi-User is a powerful accounting software program that is being used in almost all the businesses. This software doesn’t cost much to buy and it handles excellent accounting tasks to give you the relief from manual accounting works. It has premium features such as multi-company consolidations, powerful budgeting, list based inventory and many others. It comes with 5-user license and delivers screen-level access control and many business analysis tools; it has more than 140 personalized reports and financial statements. Apart from all the features from Peachtree Complete Accounting, it also has improved financial analysis feature, cash flow forecasting, employee payment tracking and many others. Read more…

  • Sage Peachtree First Accounting 2011: basic accounting solution

    Sage Peachtree First Accounting 2011 [OLD VERSION]The Sage Peachtree First Accounting 2011 is an easy-to-use accounting program that works greatly to enhance your business productivity. It has all the tools that can be used to create invoices, record business payments, write checks, and know expenses, generate statements and reports. It comes with 30-day of free online training program that can be used for learning the features of this Sage accounting software. It comes with an easy to understand dashboard that locates all the important links for managing business and accounting related tasks. The Sage Peachtree First Accounting 2011 is a great accounting software program for small businesses or those businesses that are coming from a manual accounting system. Read more…

  • QuickBooks Pro 2014: organize your business finances all in one place

    Old Version QuickBooks Pro 2014
    Business Finance Organization and Management, Business Performance Tracking

    With the help of this QuickBooks Pro 2014, now accounting has become very easy and time saver. You can easily organize your business expenses in one place, create invoices and get accurate records for the tax time. It has step-by-step tutorial guide that helps at the time of installation and it also helps in accounting related works as well. It comes with too many automatic features that handle common accounting tasks automatically so that you can save time. To use this QuickBooks Pro 2014, accounting knowledge is not required. You can easily copy data from a spreadsheet as it is compatible with Microsoft Excel and other programs of Microsoft as well as Google Docs. There are many payroll software programs in QuickBooks series, all the programs have at least 60 days of money-back guarantee, and you get 60-day money-back guarantee with this QuickBooks Pro 2014 too. It comes with a great vendor management feature that allows you to manage vendors and expenses very easily. You just need to enter the data, track and pay bills. It has very easy invoice, estimate and statement creation features. Read more…

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