Element 32″ LCD 60Hz HDTV- ELEFW328

Element 32″ LCD 60Hz HDTV- ELEFW328

Element ELCHW321The Element 32-inch LCD HDTV ELEFW328 comes with 720p display resolution. It has multiple inputs and outputs connections to connect your external devices with flexibility. It comes with screen refresh rate 60 Hz, 3 HDMI inputs. It weighs just 18 pounds. If you want to entertain yourself with advance multimedia stuffs, this is the great HDTV for you. Moreover, it is reasonably priced at Amazon. Read more…

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3 thoughts on “Element 32″ LCD 60Hz HDTV- ELEFW328

  1. Michael Roth

    Element 32-inch LCD HDTV delivers great viewing experience, it comes with all the required feature that I need to satisfy my TV viewing needs. I have been using this HDTV for more than one year and it still delivers the best picture quality.

    Good thing about this Element TV as it is manufactured in the USA, so it is sure that high quality materials have been used to produce this excellent TV.

  2. Melvin

    This Element TV delivers incredible picture that I like most. Price is also affordable to me. I read reviews written by users who are having this TV and I found mixed opinion.

    I will recommend this TV as it comes all the connectivity features, delivers high quality pictures, has many ports to connect external devices, if you are a gaming enthusiasts, you can easily connect your computer with this TV and watch the content on a larger screen.

  3. Nguyet Breitenbach


    can you please provide more information related to the warranty as I nowhere I see the warranty information.

    I have an Element HDTV that is giving problems related to searching for the digital channels, can you tell if this TV doesn’t have such problems?

    Or do I have to take help of any powerful external antenna to search desired channels, it is really annoying if the TV doesn’t support too many channels or can you please tell if I have to contact Element technicians for such issues, where can I find Element technician, online or offline?


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