FingerTec Time Attendance TA200 Plus Color Fingerprint With RFID Time Clock

FingerTec Time Attendance TA200 Plus Color Fingerprint With RFID Time Clock

FingerTec Time Attendance TA200FingerTec TA200 Plus Time Clock comes with high capability of data transfer, user enrollment and connectivity. To provide complete attendance solution, the product comes with advanced TCMS V2 software, multilingual manuals and a DVD tutorial. The device can store maximum 12,000 fingerprint patterns and 0.2 million transactions. The device is ideal for a large-scale business with up to 6,000 staffs. With all these capabilities, the TA200 plus has become the best selling biometric time recorder. Now you have to look no further for all your time attendance requirements as the device works wonderfully for such purposes.

TCMS V2 Software

The device uses TCMS V2 software which helps in providing complete time and attendance system for fingerprint, facial and card recording purposes. The company that makes the device has passed more than 10 years delivering the great work with multilingual capabilities. It has gained good popularity by millions of users all over the world for all their time management and attendance requirements. The TCMS V2 Software comes pre-loaded with all the advanced features letting users save time for attendance, timekeeping, tracking and data collection.

The software is capable to integrate maximum 999 terminals on one IP address for the fingerprint readers and accurate attendance-time report needs. TCMS V2 has many advanced features in multiple languages for meeting demand of latest working atmosphere. The TCMS V2 software is compatible with Windows operating system which is really very easy to use as most people are already familiar with Windows platform.

Main Features of TCMS V2 Software:

  • Time & attendance management
  • Six customized daily clocking activities
  • Compatible with 24-hour working environment
  • A powerful system for various FingerTec readers
  • Data download option
  • Audit trail reports
  • Job costing functions

FingerTec Time Attendance TA200 is an advanced attendance recording device; its display is of high resolution color for clear reading. The FingerTec TA200 has a huge storage capability. This can be a good device for attendance time management. It allows many methods of verification such as fingerprint, password and RFID card. FingerTec also comes with great multimedia functions like work code and staff communication through text messaging.
As FingerTec Time Attendance TA200 performs many tasks of payroll software, it has gotten good user reviews on Amazon and other shopping websites. But it will be safe if you buy FingerTec Time Attandance TA200 from Amazon because Amazon is the safest shopping website for buying anything. More importantly, you are able to read customer reviews on the same product page. Read more…

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    FingerTec Time Attendance TA200 can also be used to set up different departments for employees, for this you can refer to this .pdf file .

    And the best thing is reliable support, in case you need support for this program, just call the customer support department and your problems will get resolved within an hour, you can get the customer care number and other relevant information and complete tutorial programs at the time of purchase.

    Also, this is not a subscription based program so you don’t have to pay any monthly or early subscription fees, just one time purchase and it works for all the times.

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    FingerTec Time Attendance TA200 Plus Color Fingerprint With RFID Time Clock is good for those offices that have a large number of hourly employees. It is also a good device for the management that wants a proper track of salaried employees as well. FingerTec TA200 comes with all the features for time tracking, attendance recording and other related stuffs.


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