iCandy Reviews 2014: iCandy Peach vs Blossom Stroller

iCandy Reviews 2014: iCandy Peach vs Blossom Stroller

iCandy Peach Stroller- Tomato

iCandy Peach StrollerThis iCandy Peach Stroller looks stylish anywhere you go with this baby travel system. The iCandy travel system is designed in many colors such as fabulous, sweet pea, black jack, tomato and other colors to choose from. The stroller has all the things that you need for all your strolling requirements. The lightweight stroller comes in a compact size providing utmost convenience when it comes to usage. Its one-hand folding option is really good as you don’t have to engage your both hands. This stroller can also be upgraded from compact one-hand folding to a double stroller, but you need a peach blossom converter for this purpose. This powerful iCandy Stroller comes at a reasonable price, and it can last for a long time because of its durable construction. It has a latest baby bassinet which lets your baby lie in flat position, and the baby bassinet can easily be removed without disturbing sleep of your baby. This is really very simple when it comes to using with one hand, as it allows one hand folding because of its flexible chassis which works well at the time of folding the stroller. It also comes with an excellent forward/rear seat facing feature which can easily be adjusted according to your preferences. Read more…

iCandy Peach Blossom- Tomato

iCandy Peach BlossomIf you have a little baby, you won’t get any problems with the iCandy Peach Blossom. It works for the purpose. iCandy is a well-known brand all over the world. There are many other brands available in the market but you can’t get good performance from strollers from other brands as they fail to fulfill the main purpose, i.e., comfort and flexible maneuverability. The inner construction of this stroller is of fabric materials providing smooth feeling to the baby. You can also get parent and child trays for keeping essential things in the trays. You don’t have any problems in cleaning the whole stroller or just fabric part. When you need to clean, you can either manually clean with a washing-soap, or you can do machine-wash as well. Now is the time to walk with your baby sitting in the iCandy stroller. It will really give you a good experience, can also be a means of entertainments as well. Read more…

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