Janome 2206 Sewing Machine (Front Loading Bobbin)

Janome 2206 Sewing Machine (Front Loading Bobbin)

Janome 2206 Sewing Machine
860 SPM Speed, Drop Feed Dog, Integrated Thread Cutter

Janome 2206 Sewing Machine has important features such as front loading bobbin, free-arm, 860 spm speed, built-in thread cutter, drop feed dog. This 2206 model of Janome sewing machine works perfectly for starters as well as advanced users. It comes with 6 built-in stitches and four-step buttonhole.

It allows easy control of stitch size and pattern selection as a dial is placed on the front of the machine. Amazingly, it features free-arm and drop feed that make a great machine for beginners to grow gradually. For your convenience, built-in thread cutter and snap-on presser feet are also included. The Janome 2206 sewing machine comes with all the required accessories, if you want to buy more accessories, Amazon is the best place for buying any special sewing accessories including varieties of sewing threads, needles, patterns, sewing handbooks etc.

If you are sewing very soft fabrics, it may be that you require 11 No. size needle and tissue paper below the fabric; the tissue paper can easily be removed after you finish your sewing works. You will be able to handle all the stitch works without any problems. Basic buttonholes are very easy and simple. After you purchase this mechanical sewing machine, you will be glad as it comes with all the useful features that you need for your advanced sewing needs. Read more…

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