Karaoke Software Review: Sony Creative Software vs PCDJ KARAOKI vs VocoPro DVX890K Player

Karaoke Software Review: Sony Creative Software vs PCDJ KARAOKI vs VocoPro DVX890K Player

Sony Creative Software Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 – 2011 [Old Version]

Sony Creative Software Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 - 2011
Audio recording and editing virtually

If you want to record and customize audio digitally, the Sony Creative Software Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 will be very helpful to you. It allows digitizing and restoring vinyl and cassettes. It features vocal eraser to create personalized karaoke tracks. The Sony Creative Software Sound Forge Audio Studio comes with more than 30 integrated effects and processes to give you an enhanced audio experience. It features Show Me How tutorial guide that will let you know about all the features so that you will get aware of the product. To run this karaoke software, your system should have Windows Vista/7/XP, DVD-ROM. It comes with great sharing features, you just need to simply burn your own CD or convert audio to supported web formats to share on the internet and with supported music devices including PSP, iPod, iPhone. Read more…


PCDJ KARAOKI Software ReviewsThe PCDJ Karaoki software is a great audio device that works independently or as an extra tool for PCDJ RED mobile or DEX. PCDJ KARAOKI Software comes with a singer list with singer profiles, monitoring features, news ticker, library printer, jukebox background music device and other supported features that are required to run with the software. It is compatible with a variety of music formats such as mp3+G, WAV+G and other video files. You will not require CDGs or heavy Karaoke gear to run this software. All the content of the software is stored in your computer’s hard drive so that it will perform fast. The PCDJ KARAOKI Software is a great program for DJ/KJ fans. Read more…

VocoPro DVX890K Karaoke Player

VocoPro DVX890K Karaoke Player : USB and SD, MMC, MS card readersThe VocoPro DVX890K Karaoke Player supports many music formats such as DVD, DivX, CD+G, MP3, Photo-CD, VCD and other music formats for a smooth entertainment requirement. To access the content, you have many ways such as USB, SD, MMC, MS card readers. It also allows straight track contact for instant song selection and playback. You can listen audio via microphones as well, these microphones are included with the product so you don’t have to separately purchase these microphones. The cable is used with this device is of low quality, it will be good if you buy a standard supported cable for this device. Also, please adjust the audio volume to match microphone and music volume. According to many Karaoke Player Reviews, it is very powerful device, you don’t get any problems in attaching the device with your receiver and other supported devices including HDTV. Now you must be having a working and professional karaoke player in  your home at a reasonable price. Read more…

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2 thoughts on “Karaoke Software Review: Sony Creative Software vs PCDJ KARAOKI vs VocoPro DVX890K Player

  1. Churchmgr

    Well, the good thing about this PCDJ KARAOKI Software program is the file compatibility as it works with all standard karaoke files such as MP3+G, MP4 videos, zipper MP3+G and many others. In case you have a large number of songs, say 1000,000 then no problem, it can handle such amounts very well. Since, you play with large number of music files, videos these files take much space in your PC, please make sure your PC has a fast RAM and ample storage capacity. I will also suggest that please name your files, songs, music or videos correctly as it has to search and display.

  2. Theressa11

    Thanks for writing reviews on these top karaoke software programs such as VocoPro DVX890K, PCDJ KARAOKI and Sony Creative Software Sound Forge Audio Studio. Well, I like Sony Creative software for recording my own songs that I always practice and I want to become a good singer.


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