Milk and Soy Based MRM 100-percent Natural Gainer (Chocolate)

Milk and Soy Based MRM 100-percent Natural Gainer (Chocolate)

Chocolate Taste NATURAL GAINER by MRM
Mixes well, creamy and delicious

The MRM 100% All Natural Gainer comes with real sweet taste and flavors. You won’t get any problems related to mixing this natural gainer; you can instantly maxi and it is creamy and delicious as it contains milk and soy. This protein based product adds required calories to your daily diet and increases body mass. It adds additional calories in a right amount to a delicious beverage without the problems of preparing other meals.

This product is for all age group people, busy lifestyle activists, sports enthusiasts and athletes. The unique protein blend delivers all the required amino acids to increase lean muscle development. It contains whey protein, micro-filtered whey protein isolate, micellar casein and other energy boosting elements. It comes with proper amount of required amino acids for muscle development, glutamine and arginine. Read more…


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