Online Backup Reviews: Backblaze vs Norton Security vs Acronis Recovery

Online Backup Reviews: Backblaze vs Norton Security vs Acronis Recovery

Backblaze Online Backup – 1 Year Subscription

Backblaze Online Backup Software with One-Year Subscription
Backup important data online and offline

Our main aim is to guide you through top online backup reviews such as Backblaze, Norton and Acronis. Backblaze Online Backup software provides unlimited backup for one computer. According to online backup software reviews, many users are switching from Carbonite to BackBlace online backup software. Carbonite is not much economical as it comes with 6 months of subscription, and it doesn’t come with unlimited backup. If you are a video game enthusiast, you need lots of bandwidth, storage capacity that can only be delivered by Backblaze online backup software. The Backblaze Online Backup gives you many advantages over the Carbonite backup software. The first benefit you get is unlimited backup at the basis of one year subscription that is automatically renewable year after year. Your system will not get slow with the installation of this Backblaze software to back your valuable files, folders and other important data. With this software, you don’t have to select what to back up as it promises backup of your whole system. With BackBlaze software, you choose what not to backup instead of what to backup. Read more…

Norton Security with Backup [Online Code]

Norton backup reviewsThe Norton Security with Backup software protects your devices plus backups your valuable content. It is a great security software program that safeguards your privacy regardless of types of devices. It will automatically backup your important files and folders on your PC to your preferred location, even you can store in an external hard-drive. The software has a great capability to easily know your stolen devices such as Smartphone, tablets, mobile phones etc. This is one service to provide complete protection of up to 10 devices in your family. The Norton Security with Backup is a great solution to backup a series of devices such as personal computers, mobile phones, tablets etc. Further, you can easily back valuable files, business documents, games, videos, images etc. Read more…

Acronis True Image Backup & Recovery 2014

Provides protection to your entire system, email,  web browsers, photos, videos etc.
Provides protection to your entire system, email, web browsers, photos, videos etc.

The Acronis True Image Backup & Recovery 2014 provides complete protection and recovery to your entire system including emails, images, videos, personal documents, business files offline or online. If you usually handle valuable files and folders, you know how problematic they are when they lost. Now you don’t have to face such situations with the help of this powerful Acronis True Image Backup and Recovery software. Those people who have lost their physical backups of files and folders, they must be looking for a secure backup software program that provides complete safety to their devices as well as documents. The software features Incremental Restore from the Cloud to regain your entire system or the parts of your system you need without connecting to a physical storage device. You get 5GB of secure cloud storage from this Acronis backup software for one year. This is really an affordable means of backing up files and folders virtually. Read more…

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2 thoughts on “Online Backup Reviews: Backblaze vs Norton Security vs Acronis Recovery

  1. Avatar for ReviewKid.comAndy

    Norton Security does a very good job protecting your computer. But, there are some areas that should be improved. For example, if you use the version with backup, don’t assume that newly created documents to be backed up immediately it make take couple of days before they get backed up.

  2. Avatar for ReviewKid.comSusie Docherty

    You have reviewed 3 backup software programs but just one of them is dedicated to backing up your PC data…… the software is Backblaze, it delivers really impressive results for those who want to backup PC’s data…. other two software programs have other purposes or they treat backup as secondary purpose. Talking about Norton Security, it is mainly for security of your computer while Acronis is mainly for image backup…


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