Personal Accounting Software 2015: 3-in-1 Personal Finance 3.0 vs Business Accountz Basic V3 vs TurboTax

Personal Accounting Software 2015: 3-in-1 Personal Finance 3.0 vs Business Accountz Basic V3 vs TurboTax

3-in-1 Personal Finance 3.0 [Download]

3-in-1 Personal FinanceThe 3-in-1 Personal Finance 3.0 features 26 financial calculators and worksheets to monitor your financial stuffs. It features budget planner that helps create a suitable budget and lets you know where you spend money while the goal tracker feature lets you manage your financial goals. The 3-in-1 Personal Finance 3.0 is a set of 3 programs that are designed with user-friendly interface, simple navigation and layout, powerful toolbar to help you understand the software features very quickly. It comes with latest toolbar for an easy access to specific links, has advanced report generation capability. You can easily view, save and print reports. It comes with help feature that works for tutorial if you get stuck somewhere. The main highlights of this powerful software are Balloon Loan, Cash Flow, College Saving, Future Value, Investment Withdrawal, Payment, Mortgage, Retirement Planning and many others. It comes with fourteen sections that are great for creating budget and tracking transactions, and it has also more than 190 standard budget items, goal tracker to create and manage financial goals. Read more…

Business Accountz Basic V3 [Download]

Fast bookkeeping, easy sales and expenses management itnerface
Fast bookkeeping, easy sales and expenses management itnerface

This Business Accountz Basic V3 is a powerful tool of controlling your business accounting. This powerful but economical accounting software helps a lot in doing most of the basic accounting tasks. The starter package allows you to save time managing a high profile company. The software creator introduced this software keeping in mind that a businessman has to work with many business related tasks at the same time, if there is a software program that handles most of the tasks automatically it will give relief to the business owner to save time so that he or she can divert the attention towards important business tasks to develop the business. With the help of this Business Accountz Basic V3, you are able to create unlimited accounts as per your requirements, monitor your tax matters, and quickly view your profit and loss statements. You are in full control of all the finances, if you stuck somewhere, it comes with great tutorial features to help you instantly. Performing so many business related automated tasks, the V3 business accounting software is a desktop based program that has the capability to cloud back-up and recover your business data. To run this powerful business software, your system should have Windows 8, 7 or Vista installed. Your computer should also have dual-core or higher processor with 2GB RAM, fast internet connection for the installation. Read more…

TurboTax Home & Business Federal + e-File + State 2010 [Download] [OLD VERSION]

TurboTax Home & Business Federal The TurboTax Home & Business software is a great software program for many organizations such as small business, sole proprietor, consultancy service providers, construction companies, single owner LLC and many others. It provides you one-and-one guidance for entering earnings and expenses. It is a great program for finding small business tax reliefs as it shows you what kinds of expenses are deductible from supplies, utilities bills, home expenses, office expenses and many others for the purpose of the greatest deduction possible. It has the great capability to know industry based deductions as it walks you through tax write-offs and shows you even small deductions. It lets you get the greatest vehicle deductions as it works for splitting vehicle expenses separating business and personal use vehicles. It has a great function that shows all types of business income at one place to know that you have considered all sources of business income. Read more…

TurboTax Deluxe 2014 Fed + State + Fed Efile Tax Software + Refund Bonus Offer

Fed + State + Fed Efile Tax Software + Refund Bonus Offer
Tax Software that helps you get your taxes done right and your maximum refund

The Turbo Tax Deluxe 2014 helps you step by step in your tax related matters. It asks you some easy questions about your personal life and record the information supplied by at the right place for your convenience. It comes with the import capability to safely easily import W2, 1099-INT, 1099-DIV and mortgage information from more than one million supported companies. It also works with assorted profit reported on Schedule C. It has the capability to transfer previous year tax information from TurboTax so that you don’t have to type again and again. It also permits importing tax information from other tax stores and software programs such as TaxACT, H&R Block Tax Software, Windows and Mac. It will keep notifying you with latest updates on related tax laws, and it guides you through the latest healthcare law and it will automatically update to reflect changes. You are able to manage income taxes at your own pace, anywhere anytime without any problems. It automatically saves data in the software so you don’t have to lose anything at the time of taking a break. It delivers the greatest accuracy level as it automatically completes 1000s of error checks to build confidence in you that you are doing the right work. It shows live tax refund as it comes with dual refund monitor option that regularly shows and updates federal and state refunds. You also get an email confirmation when your return is approved by the IRS. Also, it provides a great return policy, in case you are not happy with the TurboTax software, you can return it to Intuit with 60 days of period to claim your full refund. For the audit, it features Audit Risk Meter that checks your tax return for common audit errors and it shows if you the risk is high or low. It also comes with too many tips and tutorials to help you reduce the chances of an audit of your tax matters. Read more…

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