QuickBooks Pro 2008 W/Payroll 2008

QuickBooks Pro 2008 W/Payroll 2008

Payroll 2008 QuickBooks ProThe QuickBooks Pro 2008 W/Payroll 2008 lets you import content from Excel so that you can easily access to a list of your current customers, vendors, products and other data based on your business types and requirements. Further you are able to customize the spreadsheet table in a personalized way that suites your need. Also, you can make a template of excel file so that you can use it again and again means you are going to save lots of time spent on these excel related stuffs. Moreover, the QuickBooks Pro 2008 W/Payroll 2008 allows you to access content from Quicken, Peachtree, Microsoft and other popular payroll software programs. In installation, it doesn’t take much time and you may not need the help of a support team. You just need to answer a few basic questions to get a personalized setup.
If you are a new user to this QuickBooks Pro 2008 W/Payroll 2008, you get step-by-step tutorial that will help you learn QuickBooks faster. With the help of this step-by-step QuickBook operation guide, you can learn the key features and it will help further in your accounting related works. It also comes with a built-in learning center that can be used to learn the features of this program whenever you want. Read more…

QuickBooks Pro 2008 W/Payroll 2008 [OLDER VERSION]

QuickBooks Pro 2008 W/Payroll 2008 [OLDER VERSION]

$371.01 @ Amazon.com

Product Description

QuickBooks Pro 2008 W/Payroll 2008 [OLDER VERSION]

Value pack brings together the two software packages most recommended by accountants

Stores all your payroll and accounting data in a single location, eliminating the need for double data entry and saving you time

QuickBooks Pro provides all the accounting and business tools you need to quickly organize and complete routine tasks from creating invoices and reports to bill tracking and check-writing

QuickBooks Payroll offers an easy-to-use solution for doing your payroll essentials in-house from paying employees and downloading up-to-date tax tables to preparing tax forms

Features a customizable Home Page that gives you direct access to key features, plus a clear picture of how they all fit together

QuickBooks Pro 2008 W/Payroll 2008 [OLDER VERSION]

Product Details
Brand: Intuit
Price: $371.01
QuickBooks Pro 2008 W/Payroll 2008 [OLDER VERSION]

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2 thoughts on “QuickBooks Pro 2008 W/Payroll 2008

  1. Gertude Strine

    QuickBooks Pro (older version) is a good payroll software program that track sales, sales taxes and payments from customers. It has a simple interface to record sales, make receipts for your clients and customers and create sales tax codes. The program has the capability to automatically charge sales tax on all types of invoices, receipts and sales forms. The program is also very helpful to tell you how much you need to pay taxes to the tax department.

    Further, it is good to track employee time and expenses to bill clients.

    It is also compatible with TurboTax.

  2. Theressa11

    QuickBooks Pro 2008 payroll software has a great feature to import data from external sources such as Peachtree, Microsoft Office, Quicken etc. this feature is really very helpful for accountants who manages any type of accounts within an organization, company, business or other institution. You will need this feature to transfer data from previous software programs.


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