Sleep Master 6-Inch Spring Mattress, Full

Sleep Master 6-Inch Spring Mattress, Full

Mattress layers include: super soft foam quilted into the cove and a iCoil baseSleep Master 6-Inch Spring Mattress is ideal for any baby’s bedroom. It uses iCoil system of Sleep Master brand that has 100s of coils offering personalized support to every part of your body. All the Sleep Master mattresses are good at reducing motion transfer and they give you uninterrupted night sleep without any doubts. Further, all the Sleep Master brand mattresses use Sleep Green approach that is meant for comfort and healthy sleeping environment as they use the elements/ingredients that are safe for you as well as your living environment. This Sleep Master 6-inch Spring mattress (full size) comes with a layer of softer foam that is responsible for providing the required softness and comfort to the foam. It uses bio-foam, made of organic seed oil to reduce petroleum elements. For peace of your mind, all the mattresses that are produced by Sleep Master have gone through comprehensive test in the industry and they are approved from CertiPUR-US. You receive the mattress at your home in a small box because the mattress is compressed properly for your convenience. Additionally, you get 5 years of limited warranty on this Sleep Master 6-Inch Spring mattress. Read more…


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  1. Theressa11

    This Sleep Master spring mattress comes with 5 years of warranty and it is durable enough that will surely last years after years. The mattress measures 74 by 53 by 6 inches. You will surely like its softness that provide great relief when you sleep at night. When you receive the shipment, you open the box and your mattress is ready to use, it doesn’t take much time in expending, in just few minutes it gets into its actual form so that you can sleep instantly.


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