Uberchild EVO Full 3in1 Travel System – Funky Zebra

Uberchild EVO Full 3in1 Travel System – Funky Zebra

Uberchild EVOThe Uberchild EVO Full 3-in-1 Travel System – Funky Zebra is made in Germany that delivers the best performance according to requirements. The frame is made of lightweight aluminum. And it comes with EVA hard wearing durable wheels. To release front/rear wheels, you can quickly do it. When it comes to handle height adjustments, it has multiple adjustment options from 86-cm to 115-cm, you are able to adjust the handle height according to your choices. You don’t get any problems in folding/unfolding this travel system as it comes with a quick fold option. To use the footrest feature, it comes with multiple positions and you can use it in the way you want without any difficulties. The removable covers are easy to wash, just remove and wash.Read more...

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2 thoughts on “Uberchild EVO Full 3in1 Travel System – Funky Zebra

  1. molina2568

    Uberchild EVO Full 3in1 Travel System includes a car seat base also, so you don’t have to buy it separately, in just one price you are going to buy a complete stroller. If car seat is not attached with Uberchild Evo travel system, it is really very easy to fold and unfold without any doubts. But if you try to fold with the bassinet seat attached, you may find a little difficulty as well.

    Please make sure that this stroller doesn’t come with a rain cover, if you want one, you have to buy separately.

  2. USABiz

    In the same price range, there are many travel systems at Amazon, you can check these Urbini Omni 3-in-1, Urbini Omni 3-in1 convertible pram stroller, Modern Lightweight Compact Travel System and many others. These strollers are also good as I saw great popularity on Amazon with impressive reviews.

    Well, if you want to buy such strollers, you will easily get one in about $200 from Uberchild brand or some others and I see the prices are neither too high nor too low, appropriate price.


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