Universal Nutrition Real Gains, Chocolate Ice Cream, 10.6-Pounds

Universal Nutrition Real Gains, Chocolate Ice Cream, 10.6-Pounds

Real Gains by Universal Nutrition
High grade carbohydrate for longer lasting energy

The Universal Nutrition Real Gains is a great muscle building formula that is produced for athletes and sports individuals. It is composed more of what your body needs and less of what your body doesn’t need. It comes with enough calories, protein, fats, great taste, fiber and very less sugar. To increase your lean mass, you need large amount of protein that can be found in this product that has less fat. To ensure that you use the finest whey protein and micellar casein available on the market, it is prepared accordingly to meet your body building needs.

The Universal Nutrition Real Gains don’t compromise the required ingredients that are must to use in this product to achieve your ultimate goal of stronger muscles. This protein based dietary product comes with rich features such as best amino acid profile that can easily be mixed in a milk, water and other beverages that don’t require a blender. It also includes required amount of complex carbs in each serving as it is very important ingredient for building and fueling muscle expansion. The included carbs are main source of physical power to support your extremely hardcore weight gain exercise.

It also comes with important dietary fiber that will work for digestion of all the protein, carbs, fat that you need to get big and stay big. It comes included with flaxseed oils to support hormone production, cell membrane protection and overall growth of your body. You can use this nutritional product with your daily diet program and difficult training routine. Read more…

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