Optimum Nutrition – Essential Amino Energy – Orange Cooler, , 270 g powder

Optimum Nutrition - EssentialOptimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy contains 30 servings per bottle. It includes free form amino acids for fast uptake. It also includes essential amino acids including BCAAs. It is a great energy supplement product that supports recovery before and after workout. With the help of this powerful energy source, you will work longer and harder. This provides you a natural energy to your body that is very important. Each serving contains 10 calories and zero sugar. It is made of powerful ingredients that are great for hard works that are needed during workouts, weight training, sports field and it is a great product for sports minded personals. You can decide the amount of this product according to your requirements, you may take one or 2 scoops or 2-3 scoops as per your requirements, it is not going to harm you if you take even 5 scoops each serving. Read more…

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