MOBB Healthcare MOBB Bed Wetting Protection Pads for Incontinence Adults

ABSORBENT BED MATTRESS PAD PROTECTOR – Designed to help protect your mattress from accidents caused by bed wetting, incontinence, or even spills these ped pads for kids and adults provide a thick, reliable layer where you need it most.

PREMIUM POLY COTTON BLEND – Our bed pads for adults and kids are woven with a thick, high-quality polyester and cotton blend to give it durability, resilience, and better protection from liquids to ensure they don’t pass through to the mattress.

SOFT, BREATHABLE, QUILTED DESIGN – These bed wetting protection pads are slide right between your sheets and the mattress for discrete coverage that’s soft, supportive, and won’t impact your sleep, so you can rest easier knowing your bed is safer.

ULTRA-QUIET AND WATERPROOF BACKING – Unlike plastic or disposable bed protector pads that can be loud when you move or roll over in bed these fabric mattress pad protectors let you sleep more soundly at night so you can wake up refreshed.

WASHABLE AND REUSABLE SUPPORT – These pads for beds for incontinent adults are 100% machine was safe which means you can quickly rinse and wash them off after accidents and then throw them in the dryer to get them clean and smelling fresh.

MOBB Healthcare MOBB Bed Wetting Protection Pads for Incontinence Adults, 34” x 54”, White

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