OYO BABY Bed Protector Sheets Waterproof, Massage Sheet

WATERPROOF PROTECTION: OYO BABY dry crib sheet is ideal for small kids, babies or elderly patients needing incontinence attention. These mattress protector offers comfort & waterproof protection, keeps your sheets dry all night with three layers of protection. this waterproof mattress protector gets the job done. In addition to the mattress sheet cover, it can also be used in the bassinet, cradle, crib and changing table, as a diaper changing mat cover or changing mat liner.

LIGHT WEIGHT: OYO BABY mini crib sheet also known as crib mattress sheet that protector protects mattress and sheets from moisture and staining. OYO BABY Dry Sheets absorbs liquids quickly and locks in moisture for the best in skin care.

EASY TO CLEAN & EASY WASHABLE: Baby crib sheets is extremely easy care and maintenance, easily throw your pad in the washing machine and have it as good as new each time.

REUSABLE: OYO BABY reusable dry sheets create a waterproof barrier between any liquid and your sheets or mattress. You can use it as many times as you want after washing.

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