Super Mass Gainer by Body Fortress, Chocolate Taste

Super Mass Gainer by Body Fortress, Chocolate Taste

Super Mass Gainer
Made for hard gainers

The Body Fortress Super Mass Gainer is produced for high weight gain. It comes with chocolate flavored protein powder composed of 10 grams of BCAAs, 47 grams protein, < 10% calories from fat as your main goal is to pack inches onto your biceps. The Body Fortress Super Mass Gaining Chocolate Flavored powder contains specially selected nutrients to meet your immediate and regular energy requirement. If your main goal is to gain serious weight, you need to work hard, get enough rest and take enough nutrients that are provided by this Body Fortress protein product. It delivers required protein, energy efficient carbs, and important nutrients for a serious and concentrated workout program. It always keeps you growing if you follow the direction. The product is composed of whey protein for a mass protein blend, and it is mainly introduced for hard gainers. For a better progress, you are advised to blend with required ingredients like ice cream, nuts, fresh berries, bananas and other calorie intensive meals. You can simply use this Body Fortress Super Mass Gainer, Chocolate with your daily exercise program and a balanced diet. Read more…



2 thoughts on “Super Mass Gainer by Body Fortress, Chocolate Taste

  1. Gertude Strine

    Body Fortress Super Mass Gainer is for men and women. If you are a woman you can use it for your protein and calorie requirements. If you want to gain weight, it comes with Animo acids that help preserve muscle building and it has carbohydrates for glycogen replacement. It gives 98G carbohydrates per serving. Well, for better result, you must use it with milk. Most importantly, Body Fortress can be an affordable solution to your weight gain, muscle building requirements as it will last for 15 days if you take 2 shakes a day.

  2. Theressa11

    Super Mass Gainer contains 47 gm protein per 4 scoop, 10 gm BCAAs per serving and it is available in chocolate flavor that is really very tasty without any doubts. You can mix it with ingredients such as ice cream, nuts, honey, bananas etc for more calories gain. It is advised to use it on a regular basis in the conjunction with your daily exercise program. The supplement is made only for serious weight gainers who need to fulfill their workout programs requirements.


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